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“Pixlee TurnTo is our go-to platform for capturing our customers’ voices. Having our customer-generated content consolidated into one platform helps us meet our ecommerce goals from acquisition to conversion — and beyond.”
Angela Hsu
SVP, Marketing & Ecommerce


Increase in Repeat-Visit Rate With Pixlee TurnTo-Powered UGC


Increase in Average Number of Site Visits

Lighting and home furnishings brand Lamps Plus has provided customers with an unmatched selection of products and customer service approach for 45 years. With an existing community of passionate customers, the brand’s team needed a high-quality solution to tell the stories of its customers through both authentic visual UGC and text-based reviews. To provide valuable social proof by harnessing its customers’ voices in the most impactful channels, Lamps Plus chose Pixlee TurnTo.

Customer Content Throughout the On-Site Experience

Visual content and text reviews are critical to growing the Lamps Plus community and meeting ecommerce goals. With visual UGC from Pixlee and text reviews from TurnTo, Lamps Plus proves brand value to its shoppers by giving customers multiple platforms to share their experiences and seek support. This focus on community-driven commerce dramatically improves the shopping experience for site visitors, and the brand has seen a 300% increase in repeat visit rate since utilizing Pixlee TurnTo.

“We have a very engaged community — Pixlee TurnTo powers that community-driven experience across all of our most impactful channels.” — Angela Hsu

Lamps Plus has permissioned over 50,000 pieces of Pixlee TurnTo-powered UGC to showcase on product pages, the brand’s home page, blog posts, and inspiration galleries site-wide to highlight the experiences of real customers. Seeing real photos from happy customers helps Lamps Plus shoppers understand the brand’s vast array of products (especially in terms of sizing context), generate interior design inspiration, and increase their purchase confidence.

Improving Text Review Quantity

Lamps Plus's success doesn’t stop at visual UGC; the brand also prioritizes text-based customer content through Pixlee TurnTo’s full suite of features. This includes product page Community Q&A sections yielding over 10,000 questions and 12,000 consumer answers, and over 150,000 Ratings & Reviews with 91% overall positive sentiment from buyers.

“With Pixlee TurnTo, we have the option to increase our review character count to get longer reviews, which in turn, helps us tremendously with SEO.” — Angela Hsu

Amplifying Community Experience to Boost Ecommerce

Lamps Plus takes its community-driven marketing approach a step further by featuring UGC sourced through Pixlee TurnTo in custom, brand-designed email newsletters. Lamps Plus's "Instagram Favorites" emails keep the focus on real customers while introducing a new email type to lift open rate and conversion.

Using Pixlee TurnTo’s Shoppable Instagram capability, the brand’s team has tagged over 6,500 products shown in its customer UGC. This allows Lamps Plus to promote and harness visual storytelling from real customers while giving site visitors an easy way to shop directly from community content. Not only has streamlining UGC with Pixlee TurnTo massively improved engagement, but it has also scaled word-of-mouth marketing to accelerate ecommerce efforts.

“Modern brands need a platform that empowers customers to engage proactively – Pixlee TurnTo does exactly that and so much more for us.” — Angela Hsu

With Pixlee TurnTo, Lamps Plus is able to streamline efforts to derive even more value from the customer voice in the channels that matter most.

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