Kira Grace

"We believe in the power of our customers’ voice. They have the ability to create a more powerful story than anything we could ever hope to craft. With clear and easy integration with our e-commerce platform, excellent customer service, and a unique strategy tailored to our small business needs, Pixlee TurnTo has helped us create a beautiful brand story told through the photos of our customers. We’ve seen a boost not only in sales but also in customer engagement and brand loyalty."
Shelby Comito
Social Media Marketing Manager


More Likely to Purchase After Viewing a Customer Photo


Increase in Average Order Size After Viewing a Customer Photo

Driving Online Sales with Fan Photos and Videos

KiraGrace has built a cult following around its designer yoga clothes. When the brand was looking to develop an eCommerce experience that reflects its strong brand lifestyle, it turned to Pixlee TurnTo to channel fan enthusiasm into more sales.


KiraGrace partnered with Pixlee TurnTo to collect and curate real customer photos from across social media under the hashtag #KiraGrace. The brand also encouraged customers to upload photos of its products directly to its website. The customer photos and videos collected from this campaign were displayed in a shoppable social gallery on the KiraGrace homepage to showcase the brand’s community of loyal fans.


KiraGrace easily integrated Pixlee TurnTo with its Big Commerce store to track sales generated from these customer photos. It found that shoppers that engaged with Pixlee content were 2.25x more likely to purchase and had a 6% higher average order value. Pixlee TurnTo helped KiraGrace use customer photos to offer social proof of its products and to help new customers discover its products more organically.

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