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“We truly view Pixlee TurnTo as partners for our success. I appreciate that Pixlee TurnTo has tailored the technology to work for our needs and processes, versus the other way around.”
Maisie Antoniello
VP of Marketing


Engagement Rate on UGC Voting Gallery


Increase in Time Spent On-Site


Increase in Average Order Value

Since 1995, premium soda brand Jones Soda has been well known for bold, unique flavors, colors, and ever-changing labels. With community at their core, Jones Soda is famous for featuring user-generated content (UGC) from passionate consumers on its soda bottle labels. 

By 2010, Jones Soda had amassed over one million submissions from fans hoping to be featured on the label. Now, with increasing digital touchpoints and unique technological activations available, the brand sought a scalable way to streamline its UGC collection process, all while displaying the incredible community content in unique and innovative ways. Ultimately, the Jones Soda team chose Pixlee TurnTo to power their community-driven marketing.

Augmented Reality to Bring UGC to Life

As a pioneer on the UGC and tech front, Jones Soda didn’t stop at static images when it came to celebrating customer content. The brand’s “Reel Labels” campaign allows users to submit videos to be showcased on-site via Pixlee TurnTo, which the team then turned into an AR experience on real-life soda bottle labels. Customers could watch the reels come to life by scanning labels with the Jones Soda app on their smartphones.

“Pixlee TurnTo is at the forefront of technology for leveraging UGC – from images to videos, we're able to do a lot more with our visual UGC.” — Maisie Antoniello, VP of Marketing

The AR content Jones Soda collected and curated with Pixlee TurnTo is valuable because of its flexibility for innovative reuse across various channels, including email, social media, and an on-site gallery.

“The support from the Pixlee TurnTo team has been beyond helpful. Every time I have an issue, team members would troubleshoot with me and come up with a creative solution to get around the issue. And there was always a way.” — Erin Moriarty, Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager

Revamping the Collection and Display of UGC On-Site

Pixlee TurnTo created a smooth transition from a manually-led photo gallery of customer content collected over the years to 54 automated UGC galleries sitewide, including product pages and a dedicated campaign page where customers can vote on their favorite label submissions from other fans. This unique site page drove a massive 69% engagement rate and generated over 4,600 community votes in just one month.

“Before Pixlee TurnTo, we had this on-its-own-island gallery that was a bit dated and lacked some necessary functionality. We asked ourselves, ‘What does it look like rebuilding from bottom up?’ After exploring our options for UGC, we chose Pixlee TurnTo.” — Maisie Antoniello, VP of Marketing

Jones Soda’s “Unsung Heroes” campaign celebrated individuals going above and beyond for their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Pixlee TurnTo, fans could nominate those who inspired them for a chance to be featured on the website, and possibly a bottle. By showcasing not only the visual but the accompanying caption, Jones Soda was able to paint a full picture of each community member.

“Pixlee TurnTo allowed us to publish all the submissions we received from our Unsung Heroes campaign to tell our community’s story. By including the submissions with the captions, we were really able to tell the story behind the content.” — Erin Moriarty, Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager

Omnichannel UGC Activation

Automating the UGC curation process lets the Jones Soda team celebrate the creativity from its community across its most important marketing channels, making sure no submission goes unrecognized. The brand’s team showcases UGC in diverse ways, incorporating Pixlee TurnTo galleries into Klaviyo email campaigns and sharing UGC on its social media profiles.

“There are a lot of tools in Pixlee TurnTo that we felt were good in terms of helping to create virality through voting and engagement, and that helped build the business and promote brand awareness.” — Maisie Antoniello, VP of Marketing

Jones Soda also gives site visitors the option to shop directly from each piece of UGC displayed on-site with Pixlee TurnTo's Shoppable Gallery Badges, driving a 5% increase in average order value and 25% increase in time spent on-site.

“We saw a direct impact on our DTC business because of Pixlee TurnTo and it made for a much more frictionless experience and majorly upgraded our galleries.” — Maisie Antoniello, VP of Marketing

The Jones Soda team looks forward to furthering its dedication to customers and inspiring its fanbase of talented creators to continue sharing their creations with the brand’s community.

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