Jambu & Co

"We really love Pixlee TurnTo's core features. Just being able to have dynamic UGC on every product page and a gallery on our homepage – that's definitely the core of what we were interested in initially. So we really continue to love that capability."
Mary Grace Seamans
Marketing Manager


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Jambu Tells an Authentic Community Story with Pixlee TurnTo

Jambu & Co is a shoe company that boasts products for the modern adventurer looking to balance style with uncompromising functionality. Jambu’s community values their close connection with the brand and the ability to see the products in action. Despite originally using Olapic for UGC, Jambu’s marketing team felt that there was a lot to be desired from their community-driven marketing efforts. After evaluating their needs, Jambu chose to migrate to Pixlee TurnTo.

An Easy Switch from Olapic

Moving software solutions can be tricky, but Jambu’s marketing team found the process of moving to Pixlee TurnTo straightforward and worthwhile.

"Our experience migrating from Olapic to Pixlee TurnTo was very seamless. The transition only took about 2-3 weeks. I was able to get everything up and running (if at a basic level) prior to the onboarding. I think this speaks to Pixlee TurnTo’s ease of use."

While the Jambu team found Pixlee TurnTo easy to use, it was still important to the team to have access to a customer success representative to answer any questions and offer optimizations. With Pixlee TurnTo, Jambu was able to find partnerships for success.

"Before our official onboarding, I reached out to Pixlee TurnTo support so many times. Even just for quick questions – they were so helpful!"

Customizable Widgets without the Headache

One of the issues Jambu encountered with Olapic was the lack of customization their widgets afforded.

"We felt that when we chose a theme, we pretty much had to stick to it. About 6 months in we made some changes to our website, and we had to go through Olapic’s team to make even simple changes to our homepage gallery widget."

Successful brands need to embrace agility in their processes to provide the best experience for their customers, and delays in changes to a site can negatively impact the user experience. Being able to make quick changes on the site without having to ask a developer was key for Jambu to scale their content efforts.

“Pixlee TurnTo is very customizable and I love how easy it is to change things on your own, without knowing how to code. This has saved our team a lot of headaches. Olapic is the exact opposite in that regard.”

Telling a Better Story with Customer Photos

Site engagement and providing the best possible user experience are critical for Jambu. But without UGC, it’s hard to scale their content creation while providing relatable images for their audience. With Pixlee TurnTo, Jambu is able to showcase their products as they’d be worn.

“To be able to display the shoes on the foot in a more organic environment with social proof helps give our customers context they’re looking for, and Pixlee TurnTo really helps with that”

With Pixlee TurnTo, Jambu excels at providing a relatable customer experience through UGC.

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