“Pixlee TurnTo’s platform is definitely the best in its class in terms of functionality.”
Alison Schmitz
Product Manager, Ecommerce


Increase in Repeat Visit Rate


Increase in Overall Content Volume


Syndicated and Native Reviews Collected

Health and nutrition retailer GNC boasts a variety of diverse products from hundreds of unique brands created to improve the wellness of its consumers. While GNC recognized the value of reviews in building social proof and purchase confidence, the team was searching for an additional way to showcase its avid online community. To reach this goal while also tackling syndication, Community Q&A, and more, GNC selected Pixlee TurnTo.

Seamlessly Integrating Reviews and Social UGC

Adopting Pixlee TurnTo for Social UGC collection and curation was a fast and simple solution, as passionate fans were already sharing content on Instagram and other social channels. 

“There was a lot of interest in closing the loop between social and ecommerce, so we thought the Social UGC side of the platform was an easy opportunity to get more customer proof beyond ratings and reviews.”

GNC launched a dedicated social gallery alongside other on-site displays featuring customer UGC, with individual content pieces made shoppable through Pixlee TurnTo’s product tagging capability. Customers who interacted with Pixlee TurnTo-powered UGC were 200% more likely to return to GNC’s site.

Utilizing the Full Ratings & Reviews Suite

In addition to GNC’s owned brands, the company stocks a wide range of health-related products from third-party brands like Alani Nu and GHOST. Pixlee TurnTo’s syndication solution allows the GNC team to automatically showcase reviews from vendor websites on GNC’s own product pages. GNC boosted overall review coverage with Pixlee TurnTo, harnessing over 130K native reviews and 145K syndicated reviews.

“We’ve onboarded quite a few vendors via syndication and it's wonderful that I only have to make the connection with the vendor and the Pixlee TurnTo team handle the rest. Our team doesn’t even have to think about it.”

Beyond syndication and traditional reviews, GNC also uses Pixlee TurnTo’s other customer feedback tools like Community Q&A and Checkout Comments™ to ensure the team is addressing both positive and negative comments from customers and continuously building a better online experience.

“Using the Q&A feature, we have uncovered opportunities to provide better, more consistent, and timely answers for our customers.”

High Platform and Service Quality

GNC consistently uses the platform to showcase customer sentiment across the retailer's impactful marketing channels, and has increased overall content collected by 57% via Pixlee TurnTo. Describing Pixlee TurnTo as “best-in-class” for Social UGC and Ratings & Reviews, the team also values Pixlee TurnTo’s dedication to their success.

 “Pixlee TurnTo’s team is so great. They're super easy to work with, and they keep us on our toes, making sure that we continue to push the dial and are up-to-date with the platform.” 

As GNC continues to grow and optimize the ways customers can connect, Pixlee TurnTo remains crucial to the retailer's community-driven initiatives.

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