"One of the most exciting highlights is how Pixlee TurnTo has been able to syndicate reviews from our biggest brands, which ultimately helps customers in their decision-making process."
Lindsey Kaiser
Marketing Operations Specialist


of Total Review Volume is Syndicated


Increase in Monthly Reviews


Syndicated Reviews Collected

Farm and home supply company Gemplers is known for providing individuals who work outdoors with commercial-grade equipment and gear since 1939. As a retailer selling both private label products and merchandise from other brands like Carhartt and Leatherman, Gemplers boasts a large ecommerce catalog. To convey more customer satisfaction for all products on-site and through marketing content like social media and emails, Gemplers chose Pixlee TurnTo.

Improved Review Coverage With Syndication & Analytics

With Pixlee TurnTo’s syndication services, Gemplers automatically collects and publishes reviews originating from well-known brand websites like Carhartt, YETI, and Under Armour — including reviews dating back to 2008

With 97% of the company’s reviews coming from syndication, this mutually-beneficial approach to cultivate shopper trust increased monthly review volume by 232%.

“Carhartt, which is such a high volume company, syndicates to us and we’re able to receive hundreds of reviews per product without having to do any manual work. We’re really grateful for that.

Pixlee TurnTo’s analytics capabilities give Gemplers a streamlined way to determine which products should be prioritized when syndicating reviews. The Gemplers team also highlights this high volume of positive sentiment from shoppers by featuring reviews in emails and on social media channels. Overall, Gemplers has syndicated 293K reviews in less than three years with Pixlee TurnTo.

“The data we collect via Pixlee TurnTo helps us communicate and collaborate with multiple teams to identify which products we should target to collect more reviews.”

Gemplers values Pixlee TurnTo’s customizable, user-friendly dashboard to track campaign analytics and convey success metrics to other teams internally in a way that’s easy to digest.

Feedback Management Across Two Owned Sites

In addition to Gemplers, the team behind the retailer also utilized Pixlee TurnTo’s review suite for their sister company, Iron Mercantile. Instead of switching between different technology tools, the Gemplers team is able to manage review content for both websites in one place.

“For our consumers, we like how they’re able to jump from one site to another and not get confused when they see all of our reviews because it’s all hosted through TurnTo. Internally, it’s easy for us to manage both sites without having to log into separate accounts and use different tools.”

This consolidation allows the Gemplers team to spend more time and effort promoting positive reviews and addressing customer concerns, and less time collecting that content in the first place.

Review Incentives to Maximize Customer Proof

Along with review syndication and general management of customer feedback, Gemplers launched a Review Incentives program with Pixlee TurnTo to boost native review volume. This is especially valuable for the company’s private label products that aren’t sold by other brands.

“We’re currently focusing on our private label brand, Sugar River, because it's so new. These reviews have helped us innovate our current products and they give us better ideas for future product development.”

Though Review Incentives are still a relatively new endeavor, Gemplers has already seen an uptick in review collection by offering incentives like 10% discount codes. Syndication, incentives, and overall efficient review management platform set Gemplers up for success as the company explores new avenues of customer proof.

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