"We have heard feedback from customers that they find it very helpful to see clothing on women who look like them before purchasing. Without Pixlee TurnTo, there would be a lot more work going through our social media accounts, obtaining permission, and uploading to our site. Pixlee TurnTo makes the process easy."
Dôen Marketing Team


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How Dôen Exceeds Growth Goals with Pixlee TurnTo

Dôen is a collective of creative Los Angeles-based women focused on building elevated yet wearable pieces for every day. As a successful and sustainable women-driven brand, the Dôen team needed to reduce content costs and build authentic relationships with their passionate community. To achieve this, the Dôen team turned to Pixlee TurnTo to power their user-generated content.

Ride the Wave of Strong Community Growth

Dôen’s mission aligns deeply with its audience’s values, so it’s no surprise that the Dôen community has been highly engaged on social media since the brand’s inception. The marketing team at Dôen shared some of the community triumphs the brand has witnessed.

"We started to see our customers and friends wearing our pieces via social media for celebratory moments big and small. We felt that a really strong community was coming together and wanted to create a real space to share the beautiful content our customers create on our site alongside our campaign imagery."

By providing relatable content that showcases customers in everyday situations using the products, Dôen has achieved measurable brand affinity. Customers who interact with Pixlee TurnTo content spent 87% more time on the Dôen website and were 271% more likely to return.

Letting the Community Drive the Content and Products

As a community-driven brand, Dôen’s team focuses on ensuring their community is engaging with the content and products to inform their promotional strategy in the future.

“It's very helpful to be able to curate content based on product - it allows us to have a clearer idea of which pieces our community are really responding to and photographing the most.”

By letting their community drive the content, the brand has seen some impressive conversion lift. Dôen sees an 11.34% conversion rate after implementing Pixlee TurnTo on their site.

Partnering with Pixlee TurnTo for Success

Dôen’s brand story is best told through the amplification of their customers’ stories.  Pixlee TurnTo enables the Dôen team to seamlessly integrate their social proof into all marketing messages and at valuable touchpoints. Going beyond user-generated content is critical to Dôen for success today and in the future.

"Pixlee TurnTo has so many great functions other than gathering UGC. It has also been a helpful tool for PR and marketing purposes, allowing us to find potential partners."

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