“The Pixlee TurnTo platform is really easy to use, which made for a very smooth onboarding process.”
Jessica Sloan
Senior Manager, Site Merchandising & Optimization‍


Increase in Review Email Open Rate


Increase in Native Reviews


Increase in Review Coverage

Converse is well-known for its signature skate and lifestyle shoes, amassing a robust fanbase since its inception in 1908. With an ever-growing selection of styles and demand for new, engaging ecommerce marketing strategies, the Converse team chose Pixlee TurnTo for their Ratings & Reviews needs.

Brand Storytelling Through Ratings & Reviews

With Pixlee TurnTo, Converse tells its customer stories on all of the brand’s most valuable channels, not just on product pages. The Converse team opted to showcase highly-rated products in a series of emails to customers.

“We've definitely had to get creative in terms of storytelling – we leaned into our top-rated products surfaced through Pixlee TurnTo.” -Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

Executed over three months, these review-focused emails ultimately drove an impressive open rate, +59% compared to their typical open rate, on average.

“The Pixlee TurnTo dashboards are super helpful. I can easily see which products are newly rated, and what our total review coverage is – which is crucial for the growth of our brand.” -Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

In the wake of success from the email campaign, Converse used Pixlee TurnTo to launch three on-site category pages featuring top-rated (4 to 5 star) items for women, men, and children.

Streamlined Review Coverage, Sitewide

Converse showcases positive customer sentiment in a sleek format on product pages, taking advantage of Pixlee TurnTo to collect reviews for new items and increase overall review coverage. Now, with Pixlee TurnTo, 68% of Converse products boast 50 reviews or more.

“We've really been focusing on trying to increase our site’s review coverage – that's been a huge portion of the work we're doing with ratings and reviews.” - Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

Since the brand’s initial partnership with Pixlee TurnTo, Converse saw a 55% increase in native reviews. In addition to improving review coverage, the Converse team leverages Pixlee TurnTo’s ability to integrate with reviews seeding provider, Stellar Reviews

 “Stellar has been really great in addition to Pixlee TurnTo. With both tools combined, we’re able to pull in the seller data, see how our seeded reviews are performing, and how our reviews program is performing overall.”- Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

Combining seeded reviews powered by Stellar and native reviews powered by Pixlee TurnTo, Converse creates a compelling customer journey. Beyond the proof these reviews provide to the customer, these reviews enable the Converse team to connect the customer even closer to their employees, as well. 

“Our team relies on our product reviews for customer feedback which we can share with other teams internally – this helps us showcase sentiment and gain insight.” - Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

Keeping the entire team connected to the brand’s customers helps keep the brand community-driven and customer-centric.

Building a Long Term Technology Relationship for Success

The Converse team is consistently excited by the commitment to innovation from Pixlee TurnTo. In addition to the technology, Pixlee TurnTo’s customer success team stands out as a core reason to work with Pixlee TurnTo.

“Our customer success manager is amazing! We’re always the first to know about new features we can leverage, and the Pixlee TurnTo team is always available when we have questions.” – Zoe Siegel, North America Digital Site Merchandiser

As a prominent community-driven brand committed to building a best-in-class experience for site visitors, the Converse team continues to see immense value in collecting and showcasing customer sentiment with Pixlee TurnTo.

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