"Pixlee TurnTo is my favorite part of my daily agenda. The platform is easy and fun. It helps us get our community excited and creates a personal connection with the brand."
Annette Coppess
Senior Ecommerce Manager


Lift in conversion rate on-site with Pixlee TurnTo


Increase in repeat-visit rate with Pixlee TurnTo

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How Breck’s Ecommerce Business Blooms with Pixlee TurnTo

Founded in 1818, Breck’s has deep roots in the American gardening scene. Known for their premium dutch bulbs, Breck’s has created a reputation of reliably gorgeous blooms and with that, a community of passionate gardeners. To engage their community, save creative resources, and capture authentic content for all of their unique bulbs, Breck’s turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Content Beyond Photoshoots for all SKUs

With an avidly engaged community of gardeners, the team at Breck’s sought ways to utilize the authentic and unique content their community was already sharing on social media. With shelter-in-place orders taking effect in the early months of 2020, the Breck’s team saw a huge uptick in engagement both on their site and their social channels.

“These past few months, people have been home and they want to grow their own food and flowers. More people are starting to garden than we've ever seen before. To help these beginner gardeners, we’re able to match up real community photos that we’re getting in with Pixlee TurnTo– it’s just a perfect time for us to share that content! We're getting way more traffic and we can use this content to inspire those new visitors.”

This content helps show how different products grow in different regions and helps show new gardeners how attainable a beautiful garden truly can be with Breck’s.

UGC as a Selling Point for Customers

In addition to inspiring customers, that community content is so far-reaching that the team at Breck’s is able to find content for every SKU, at nearly every time of the year. Since their products bloom at different times in the year, capturing content for each unique bulb can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. By featuring customer-content to supplement their produced images, the team at Breck’s has seen a snowball-effect with their community.

"Our audience is so excited to be a part of our brand in the form of user-generated content.  We've got a lot of beautiful images from our gardening community and they're helping inspire other new gardeners. Our product images sometimes do not capture the true beauty of the product. With Pixlee TurnTo we can allow our customers to share their flowers in their own creative way and we can tie it back to the website product page. This works similar to a 5 star review, it increases conversion rates because people trust people."

Now, customers are able to see a wide variety of images for each SKU at a different location and time of year. This helps boost customer satisfaction and has increased its conversion rate by roughly 5X.

Easy Tagging for All Channels

Beyond social media and the website, Breck’s is also able to collect the content for other marketing channels which require a high volume of content to stay fresh. This has resulted in high-converting emails that are automatically supplemented with user-generated content.

“We're sending one or two emails a day in addition to trigger programs. The Pixlee TurnTo platform makes it really simple to just pick a gallery and feature that content at the bottom of the email. And when it comes to trigger-emails, we’re working on setting up category-specific automated sends. But right now it’s so easy for us to click a gallery and then embed that code in the email, and it's done. We don’t have to build a new email template every time, which saves us a lot of time.”

Since implementing Pixlee TurnTo content in their emails, the team at Breck’s has seen a tremendous performance increase from their email channel. So much so, that the team is shifting to nearly 100% UGC in all emails going forward and will be implementing Pixlee TurnTo in their abandoned-cart emails.

Making Marketing Fun with Pixlee TurnTo

Good software should at least make a job easier. Great software should be fun to use. With Pixlee TurnTo, the ecommerce team at Breck’s has fun every day collecting and curating content from their community.

“Pixlee TurnTo is very easy to use – and very fun.  I'm in the platform each day creating new galleries and it doesn't take up much time.  Once we get through a whole calendar year with Pixlee TurnTo, we will have galleries for every type of flower  – I’m excited about that!”

With Pixlee TurnTo, the Breck’s team not only has access to incredible content, but they also get to have fun collecting it and engaging with their community.

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