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"In the two months since we implemented Pixlee TurnTo, we’ve been able to do more and utilize more features than we ever had in our year with Curalate."
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Higher AOV


Increase in time on site


Increase in conversions

Annie Selke Doubled Conversions with Pixlee TurnTo UGC

Not all UGC platforms were created equally. That’s why when Annie Selke needed to take their UGC game to the next level, they selected Pixlee TurnTo over Curalate. Founded in 2010, Annie Selke is the parent brand of well-loved home design brands Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert, and Annie Selke Outlet.

Time for a Change

As a brand focused on functional and comfortable design, Annie Selke needed their UGC layouts and galleries to seamlessly integrate with the rest of their site. One of the main issues they encountered with Curalate was the lack of customization of their widgets.

"Curalate’s widgets, layouts, and galleries were all very strict and they would not support or assist in any custom CSS changes."

Trying to make simple edits to their UGC display was a constant headache for the team. Additionally, Curalate’s support left much to be desired.  

"Curalate’s customer service was incredibly unresponsive and this caused a lot of issues/frustration."

While the Annie Selke team saw the need for UGC, they also saw that Curalate came up short in numerous ways. To realize the full value of their highly engaged customers, they needed to make a change.

Making the Switch

Annie Selke's team chose to switch to Pixlee TurnTo because Pixlee TurnTo offered superior customization and more robust widgets to help scale Annie Selke’s UGC program. Migrating to a new technology solution once one is already in place can be a challenge.  But the Annie Selke team was pleasantly surprised at how pain-free it was moving over to Pixlee TurnTo.

"We didn’t imagine we would have everything switched over so seamlessly and quickly, but there really have been no issues or struggles with getting all of our previous data moved over and our widgets built."

The Annie Selke team was able to quickly understand the Pixlee TurnTo platform and begin using the new features instantly, without any historical data lost in the migration. Not only did they find that Pixlee TurnTo was intuitive and easy to learn, but anytime a question arose, the team could reach out to Pixlee TurnTo support to receive a prompt and friendly answer.

"The ability to reach out about anything within the platform and have someone get back to you almost immediately is so important, and the ability to speak with our account manager or developers to solve our issues has been so fantastic."

Big Changes, Instantly

One of the core reasons why Annie Selke chose to migrate to Pixlee TurnTo was the customization and seamless integration the Pixlee TurnTo platform could offer.

"The publish center is simple and really customizable. You can create an entirely different look from the standard widgets, and it doesn’t really require any special knowledge of website building or anything like that."

This feature saves the team time and allows the team to quickly make adjustments to their product display pages without developer support. Marketers are able to use this new agile approach to test different images, displays, themes, and layouts to see which best resonates with their audience on any device.

The Numbers

Since moving to Pixlee TurnTo from Curalate, the Annie Selke team has seen some astounding improvements in their KPIs. Customers who interacted with Pixlee TurnTo were 200% more likely to return to the Annie Selke site.

Conversion Rate with Curalate     Conversion Rate with Pixlee TurnTo

                     3%                                                 5.85%

Customers who interacted with Pixlee had an 11.82% higher average order value and spent 82% more time on the site per session. The tangible impact on Annie Selke’s ECommerce KPIs is only a part of the return they’ve seen on implementation.

“Based on the amount of time and resources we were putting into Curalate just to make it run properly, Pixlee TurnTo has saved us time and has been an overall much better experience for both the company and our site visitors.”

Exciting things to come

Between the time savings, superior support, and product features, the Annie Selke team feels empowered to use UGC to its fullest potential.

"We love the features and customer experience offered by Pixlee TurnTo, and the support from your team has been invaluable. It’s great that we can do everything that we want to do with implementing UGC into our site without having to spend a ton of time on it."

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