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"Pixlee TurnTo is easy to use – and we're using it across four teams. Being able to use Pixlee TurnTo to collaborate across four teams with content is phenomenal."
Chris Moynihan
Digital Marketing Director


Repeat visit rate with Pixlee TurnTo


Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)


Increase in time on site

How Four Teams at Alo Yoga Use Pixlee TurnTo to Lift Sales, Conversions and Engagement

Alo Yoga is dedicated to ‘Bringing Yoga to the World’ by spreading mindful movement, inspiring wellness and creating community. But at the end of the day, their digital success comes down to new customer acquisition, remarketing, and a thriving influencer marketing program.  To drive the best ROI from their already engaged community and seed user-generated content (UGC) across their top channels, the Digital team at Alo Yoga turned to Pixlee TurnTo.

Improving Add-to-Cart

Acquiring new customers and boosting site traffic through paid channels is costly, but effective. When you’re looking to grow a brand significantly each year, going beyond paid media is absolutely necessary. For Alo Yoga’s Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Moynihan, improving conversion rates at each phase of the customer journey is one of the many ways they can do more with the visitors on their site.

“We went from having about 100 people add something to their cart to when I last looked at it a week ago, analytics indicated about 1500 people had added something from Pixlee TurnTo to their shopping cart. And that's pretty incredible. So we're seeing that when people interact with Pixlee TurnTo, we're seeing a higher conversion rate and a higher average order size.”

By using influencer content and UGC, the Alo Yoga team is able to do more with their existing site traffic. What's more, Pixlee TurnTo helps the team easily use their content across all acquisition and remarketing channels.  

Consolidating Content Tools for Email, Mobile App & Site Engagement

Seeding the right content in the most pertinent places along the customer journey is another way Alo Yoga’s digital team is working to meet growth goals. With Pixlee TurnTo, Alo Yoga is able to seed content in email, PDPs and all other places where customers interact with the brand. These tactics resulted in a 23% increase in repeat visits.  

“To be able to implement applicable UGC, into our emails is going to allow us to have more options for a customer to actually purchase when they get an email. With Pixlee TurnTo, we’re now able to have all content in one easy tool, and we just approve it and schedule it. So our social team is able to benefit from it as well. And the same with our influencer team.”

Using Pixlee TurnTo across multiple teams and channels helps the Alo Yoga team get the most out of the tool and lower the costs of content by reusing content across different teams and channels.

Based on the success the Alo Yoga team has seen from using Pixlee TurnTo across all other channels, they selected Pixlee TurnTO to bring their community content to life in the new mobile app. By using Pixlee TurnTo powered content throughout the app, the team is able to create a cohesive community experience and easily map inspirational content to products.

The Best ROI from Influencer Marketing

Influencers can drive great brand awareness, but they can also drive direct sales when used in the right channels.

“In general, when our influencers post something, the average order is substantially higher. So if I leverage that with Pixlee TurnTo, I can make that an easier experience.”

Lifting AOV with influencer marketing helps impact the bottom line and drive better ROI from the influencer program on the whole.

Partnering for Success

Beyond the stellar results that the Alo Yoga team is seeing with Pixlee TurnTo, the ease of use of the platform and support the team receives are a critical part of the partnership.

“Between working with the Pixlee TurnTo team and using the tool has definitely made me a Pixlee TurnTo advocate. I've used other platforms in the past, and the different features that I'm able to use from this are substantially better. The fact that we're using Pixlee TurnTo cross-functionally across teams works for us.”

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