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Why User Generated Content Marketing Works

Brands that know how to leverage user-generated content to meet their business goals are seeing results. The data is clear, online conversion rates increase 2x when brands market with their customers’ photos. Why does user generated content marketing work? Because your customers prefer and trust visual content that comes from real people.

Here are 3 reasons why marketers see results with user generated content marketing:

1. User Generated Content Is Trustworthy

Customer photos of your products are the purest form of earned media. When a customer posts a post-purchase photo of your product on social media, it’s a 5-star visual review of your brand. In How User Generated Content Marketing is Helping America Discover New, Creative Talent, Andrew Bourque writes, “To unlock the potential of customer photos, marketers need to source content that rises from consumers' honest love of a brand.” Social media is the next word-of-mouth, and consumers are much more likely to trust visual endorsements from people they know over other forms of advertisements.

2. User Generated Content Is about Relationships

It’s not just about sourcing visual content-- it’s about the community your brand is building around your products. Collecting and featuring your customers’ photos creates a two-way dialogue with your fans. This form of brand building stimulates engagement, loyalty, and social amplification. According to Ogilvy research, 80% of a marketing campaign’s impressions come from its social reach. That means there’s actual social media ROI in encouraging your customers to talk and post about your brand.

3. User Generated Content Is Inspiring

If your customers perceive your visual content as compelling, they’re more likely to connect with your company online and offline. Brands that launch creative campaigns and customer photos galleries inspire more engagement and more sales.  Playful campaigns that showcase your customers’ post-purchase experiences and their love for your products incentivize others to explore your brand as well.

There’s tremendous value in leveraging customer photos to develop lasting relationships between your customer and your brand. It’s a proven way to increase brand awareness and improve your marketing-- but it also humanizes and helps to shape a community and lifestyle around your brand.


Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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