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Why Elena Joined Pixlee

Editors note: At Pixlee, we feel that our team is our biggest strength. We also feel that individual stories are incredibly powerful. In this series, we're featuring new team members on the Pixlee blog to share their journey to Pixlee, and their first impressions. Welcome Elena Patin as she joins our customer success team in our London office.

I had always been fascinated by technology. It has a real impact on the world, and I wanted to be part of this change and industry.

I was introduced to the Pixlee team and platform through my work at Michelin. At Michelin, I had the chance to work in the digital department as a part of my graduate program’s thesis studies. I was tasked with supporting the B2B new website construction and deployment. When the person dedicated to the Ratings & Reviews and website’s Social Wall left, I took ownership of the program. This fateful project led me to help launch and organize Pixlee on the French and British B2C websites.

Luck or destiny? This was how I discovered Pixlee! First hand, I saw the impact that social proof and UGC could have to bring our B2C websites to life.

But what stands out more, is that since I started last week  I can easily say that I feel as though I've been a part of the team so much longer!When I chose to explore new opportunities post-Michelin, I knew I wanted to pursue another experience abroad. Michelin gave me the confidence to work both in English (as a native French speaker) and empowered me to thrive in such an international company. I knew these were areas I enjoyed and wanted to continue growing in. Now, as a CSM at Pixlee, I will be able to work alongside customers in English, French, and Spanish!

Image from iOS 48
Captured from Company Kickoff, January 2020.

In addition to expanding my career in technology and international experience, I am excited to grow as a customer success manager. Having already been a Pixlee user on the brand side, I am excited about being able to speak to both sides of the Pixlee relationship as a CSM. It will be great to be able to tell my customers in Europe that I understand them, and that I have already been in their shoes!In few words, the platform development opportunities, being able to help expand into the EMEA market, the DNA of the company, the languages, the city, and the team reaffirmed my decision to take this chance and be part of this adventure.

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