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Social Media and UGC

Why Brands Should Leverage User-Generated Content in a Recession

It’s challenging to validate social media strategies and spend based on top-of-the- funnel metrics like impressions and engagement rates. As a marketer, it’s up to you to build a clear picture of how social media positively impacts your company’s bottom line — and that’s where user-generated content (UGC) comes in. UGC is media created by any user outside of your brand, primarily customers passionate about your product or service. 

Every marketer knows how difficult it can be to produce in-house content at scale. It takes time to create quality content, and teams often have to outsource content creation to meet demand. That’s why your brand should prioritize UGC collected from social media as a cost-effective content source.

Lift Content Volume With UGC

When you need to focus on sustaining or improving overall business revenue, outsourcing content tends to fall behind as a priority due to its expensive nature. These costs add up quickly and can be prohibitively expensive when budgets are being cut. 

Callout to read Doing More With Less: Drive Revenue From Social in a Slow Economy

Instead of trying to produce content at scale in-house or using expensive contractors, you can tap into a valuable but often overlooked resource: your existing brand community. Empowering customers to share their own content for your brand on social media can reduce content costs and resources needed on your team’s end, leaving you more time to focus on strategizing and measuring the success of your social media efforts. 

UGC can be more powerful than brand-created content from an ecommerce outlook, with approximately 90% of consumers saying that UGC holds more sway over their purchasing decisions than any other form of marketing. 

With Pixlee TurnTo, brands with an existing social media presence can instantly tap into a high volume of quality UGC, curating and publishing content to a variety of channels that impact the bottom line. 

Streamline UGC Management & Boost Conversion

Brands can also create customized landing pages and shoppable, on-site galleries to showcase their satisfied customers and create a simple path to purchase for site visitors, like Loews Hotels does.

With cutting-edge tech to identify the most lucrative pieces of content and optimal potential brand ambassadors or micro-influencers, you can forget the process of manually sifting through social media posts on the apps themselves.

Relying on UGC for the bulk of your marketing content comes with the added bonus of building an engaged community because it showcases your real, happy customers and establishes a relationship with them. With the ability to automatically publish UGC as it rolls in and is approved by your social team, you’re free to spend more time interacting with this online community in real time, and strategizing for future campaigns.

Download our full guide here: Doing More With Less: Drive Revenue From Social in a Slow Economy

Evelyn Taylor
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