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Which 2016 Presidential Candidate is our Social Media Sweetheart?

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In 2016, political candidates have wised up to the power of social media. From accessing target demographics to re-graming supporter content, the presidential candidates are snapping, tweeting, posting, and sharing their way to the White House. Who can forget Clinton’s snap where she is “Just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids?” Or this seemingly never-ending train of uncomfortable campaign selfies?

Successful or not, the candidates are clearly trying. So, we wrapped up their social media game into one infographic. We looked at how many people are tagging each candidate in posts on social media, which cities are posting the most about them, and how many people they are reaching on social.

What’s our takeaway? While people like to post about Bernie—they really love to talk about Trump. 

Over a billion people have seen content related to or created by Trump’s campaign since Thanksgiving. This isn’t because people are posting more about Trump, it’s because he is engaging the most influencers in conversations online. Donald Trump’s engagement is almost 3x that of Sanders and Cruz. His social reach is over 10x that of Sanders and Cruz.

It’s clear that Trump is just as effective at riling up voters online as he is offline—and for that he takes the crown as our 2016 Presidential Social Media Sweetheart.



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