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#WantableFit: Case Study in Successful Social Media Measurement

2015 02 10 wantable

Social media has become a necessity for brand marketers trying reach their target audience. Although when measuring performance and social media ROI, marketers still face a lot of obstacles. What is the value of a like? Of a follower? 

Marketers are constantly trying to answer the question ‘how do I leverage social engagement to drive website traffic and actual sales?’ Even brands with huge social presence have trouble building programs that map back to their core offering and driving measurable business value from social media. 

Wantable, a discovery e-commerce company, recently ran their #WantableFit contest promoting their new Fitness Edit. The campaigns goals were to raise awareness of their new offering and drive traffic to their website. The contest asked customers to post photos celebrating fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 

We’ve put together an interesting infographic that covers Wantable’s success with the #WantableFit social media contest. Social media measurement might be difficult but the importance of social media marketing is unarguable. Here’s how they did it. 


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