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Influencer Marketing

Virality, omnichannel marketing and building brand affinity

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the RE2PECT video created by the Jordan Brand as a tribute to Derek Jeter and his final season as a professional baseball player. The video includes an eclectic cast from Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Jay-Z, to die-hard Yankees fans of all walks of life to adamant lifelong Yankee haters, all tipping their hats as a sign of respect to Jeter as his storied and prolific career comes to a close.

The much-revered Jeter has been the archetype of success when it comes to Major League Baseball, both on and off the field. This campaign demonstrates that Jordan Brand, which Jeter has long endorsed, understands the profound relationship Jeter has with his audience and was able to not only capture that admiration but also make it viral with the use of branded hashtags #re2pect and #farewellcaptain.

The RE2PECT campaign was a phenomenal omnichannel marketing success and has received a great reception from the public. With over 7 million views of the video on YouTube, and many millions more across major TV broadcasts, the ‘tipping of the hat’ has since gone viral as Yankee fans and antagonists alike have all joined in saluting Jeter by posting photos & videos on their own social media accounts.

Here are some stats on the conversation on social media:

The campaign was a demonstration of how a brand can curate a deeper conversation for customers and fans that is more impactful than just promoting their own product offering. This aligns well with Jordan Brand’s brand equity as the brand generates affinity and engagement around the athletes it endorses (as the name suggests), rather than solely marketing the sneakers themselves. People want to be part of this moment in history and ultimately part of Derek Jeter’s story. The Jordan Brand made it easy for fans to join the conversation by striking the right chord with millions of viewers with the RE2PECT campaign.

This #RE2PECT Instagram video was a favorite around the Pixlee office:

Andrew Higgins
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