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TikTok Made Me Buy It: Use TikTok for Ecommerce Marketing

There's no doubt that TikTok is one of the fastest-growing entertainment platforms out there, allowing users to share videos with filters, music, special effects, and other features. It has captured Gen Z with approximately 60% of TikTok users between the ages of 16 and 24.

With the right strategy, you can leverage this platform and the content shared on it as an effective ecommerce tool. Join sunset lamps, workout sets, tiny mini fridges, and the many other products that benefit from “TikTok made me buy it.”

Why do Brands Need to Embrace TikTok Marketing?

While we mentioned earlier that Gen Z makes up the majority of TikTok’s audience, the app has become so popular that users (and influencers) come from many countries and generations.. There are plenty of niche interests and communities on TikTok, and therefore you'll be able to find customers who share your brand’s values on the platform. Videos on the platform are also available to wider audiences than other social media apps. You don't need to be part of a user's audience to see their content, the algorithm makes it easier to go viral on TikTok, and content can be downloaded and reshared on other platforms.

It makes it an excellent platform for small ecommerce businesses who want to grow their following and, at the same time, boost their brand awareness. TikTok’s shopping feature also allows brands and creators to sell products that can be purchased by users in-app.

1. Know Your Way Around TikTok Ads

If you want to boost your ecommerce conversions, paid advertising is always an excellent option when it comes to expanding your reach and tapping into a wider audience. TikTok ads follow the same idea with Facebook and Instagram ads wherein you promote your content to users. These may include different features to connect with more customers. Perhaps most importantly, the best ads on TikTok don’t feel like ads. Brands currently succeeding with TikTok ads typically share user-generated content or videos from micro-influencers to match the raw, authentic style of videos typically shared on the app. Blend in with the feed, and users are less likely to skip past your ad.

You have several options for TikTok e-commerce ads: in-feed ads, brand takeovers, topview ads, and branded effects ads. Head to our guide on how to create a TikTok ad campaign for a detailed overview of each type, and how to get started.

2. Find the Perfect Influencers — Not Just the Famous Ones

Another way to gain more visibility is to collaborate with TikTok for influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has now gone from being a trend into a powerful marketing strategy that top brands use to reach new audiences, grow awareness, and build social proof.

Collaboration with different influencers on TikTok can go a long way to boosting your brand. Like other social media platforms, you can access an influencer's loyal following. Also, nobody knows more about creating content that users will love than influencers who achieved success on the platform organically. To find the influencers that best align with your brand, you can search by hashtag, username, sound, and other keywords to discover creators, but utilizing a CRM platform like Pixlee TurnTo’s can take out a great deal of this busy work. Discover influencers who already like your brand or are interested in your industry, and manage all elements of the campaign through Pixlee TurnTo.

Morphe taps creators in the cosmetics sphere to produce unique unboxing, tutorials, and makeup inspiration videos their fans will love. Encourage your influencers to use the phrase “TikTok made me buy it” in their videos as well as posts outside of TikTok.

Again, the best content on TikTok is authentic, so don’t head straight for the Charli D’Amelios and Addison Raes of the world if you can. Take the time to build relationships with smaller creators — this approach is more cost-efficient and conducive to brand loyalty.

3. Create Specific “TikTok Made Me Buy It” Content

From eye cream and books to cleaning products, TikTok is a robust platform that can make everyday items look trendy and attainable. The app is more than just funny comedy skits or viral dance crazes. There’s also a robust consumerist effect on the platform.

Once you begin seeing success on your TikTok campaigns, try tagging specific products on your website with “TikTok made me buy it” to provide even more social proof and an omnichannel focus.

In fact, according to the 2021 Adweek survey on consumer behavior, 49% of users have confessed to buying products after seeing them being promoted, advertised, or reviewed on the app. For Gen Zers, the biggest demographic to use the app, products and brands are another way to showcase their identity and loyalty to a particular community. That’s why many users on the platform are quick to buy anything that makes them part of a trend or gives them a sense of community.

Make sure that you’re part of this trend. For instance, for your product videos, use the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which has over 4.6 billion views. Make sure that these videos are simple and relatable. Incorporate familiar elements from other people’s lives. Finally, make sure that it’s reactive- meaning it sparks an emotional response from your viewers.

While you’re at it, consider adding the hottest TikTok videos featuring your brand to your product pages like Revel Nail does using Pixlee TurnTo; this is a great way to add credibility to the phrase “TikTok made me buy it.”

4. Run an Interactive Social Contest

Running giveaways and promotions around your “TikTok made me buy it” campaign are also powerful to attract a much wider following and boost engagement. TikTok is probably one of the best places to run a viral contest among all social media platforms because of its algorithm. You can make your own branded hashtag and pair this with some challenge or dance that users can recreate on their own profiles. Try to make it fun, entertaining, and simple to create. Additionally, use a branded hashtag to keep track of submissions and practice social listening.  

Crocs created a TikTok ad campaign that incorporated a challenge; the brand’s unique filter challenged users to sing along to specific audio clips.

Doing so allows you to create valuable UGC for your brand. Not only will you identify potential brand ambassadors through this process, but you’ll also collect content you can later reshare across your most impactful marketing channels to showcase brand affinity and the community you have on TikTok.

There are a lot of contest ideas that you can choose from. The most important thing is to develop one that's ideal for your brand and target audience. If you have a large audience of customers on TikTok, consider creating a challenge that involves one of your products — this paves the way for even more relevant UGC and brand awareness.

5. Create an On-Site Shoppable TikTok Gallery

So how do you monetize TikTok videos, and what the heck do you do with all that UGC you’re collecting from users on the app? The answer: create a shoppable gallery of TikTok videos from your brand, influencers, and community on your ecommerce website via Pixlee TurnTo.

This omnichannel approach allows site visitors to consume entertaining content that exudes social proof while giving them a clear path to purchase. Additionally, authentic videos from your brand community can help contextualize your product, showing it in action, and show off unique ways your products can be used.

DMC’s “Shop the TikTok” website page features embedded videos from the brand’s TikTok profile with links to products encouraging visitors to purchase.

6. Try TikTok’s Native Shopping Features

Shopify merchants can use TikTok’s shopping features directly by adding a shopping tab on their profiles. This tab will source products from your Shopify catalog, and users on TikTok can navigate your online store without leaving the app.

It's also a great way to promote your product and for customers to discover and purchase them on the platform. Kylie Jenner’s makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, with over 35 million followers, is one of the first brands to let customers shop directly on the platform. Here are some pointers on how to start selling on TikTok:

  • To get started, download the TikTok app on Shopify. Users can also request access to TikTok shopping via the TikTok channel of Shopify.
  • Optimize your product catalog for the platform. Use high-quality images (and UGC!) to attract prospects to your storefront on TikTok. Include all product details.
  • Promote your shop. Create several TikTok videos about your shop. It helps users find it on the platform.
  • Promote your products. After setting up your shop, direct your traffic on TikTok to your product page. Create the content on your products, get influencers involved, and mention it often. Using TikTok Live is also one of the most effective ways to promote your products on the platform.

Over to You

Algorithms and trends on TikTok are constantly changing, just like any other social media platform. However, the most important thing is to stick with the basics. Ensure that you publish authentic posts, publish regularly, and engage with your community. Good luck!

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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