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Social Media and UGC

The Social Hub Guide for Brands

Social media is a powerhouse for marketers, with 50% of the world’s population using at least one platform. But with so many different social media platforms, it’s a challenge to get the most out of all your social channels.

Tracking posted content, checking branded hashtags, and displaying all your great social media content can be tedious and time-consuming when you’re juggling multiple profiles.

That’s where a social hub can help.

What is a Social Hub?

A social hub is a digital collection of all the social content affiliated with your brand that you can host on your website. Social hubs gather all your content from different social networks, aggregate it, and display it in one place. By combining content from all social channels in one rich, interactive display, brands can share a snapshot of all their social activity and give followers instant access to all their streams in one place.

Many social hubs also offer brands an easier way to track how their content is performing across multiple channels in one place. You can also curate the content in your social hub to ensure the best content is front and center on your site.

Why you Need a Social Hub

Social hubs help drive increased engagement with followers and site visitors. Many social hubs offer the same native functionality for their supported social networking sites. When someone visits your social hub, they can like, share, and reply to posts without being redirected to the external social network. They can also easily follow all your social accounts at once, increasing your potential for user interactions. Social hubs encourage more real-time interaction by showcasing the most up-to-date content from your social channels.

Social hubs can also be used to showcase how real fans are interacting with your products. User-generated content featured on product pages serves as a digital lookbook and helps boost conversions. You can also create a gallery of shoppable social media images so customers can buy products they like from real customer photos.

You’ve invested time and money into your social media channels and a social hub can help you make the most of it. By bringing your social profiles onto your site, you can bring all the conversations, user-generated content, and activity from the native platforms to one place. 54% of social media users research products on social media before making a purchase. When you feature social media on your website, users can easily see your products without navigating away from the site.

The impact of user-generated content (UGC) has been proven over and over. It’s 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than other media. Websites featuring UGC have 29% higher web conversion rates than websites without it. User-generated content also helps provide social proof — boosting trust in your brand and products and encouraging potential customers to make a purchase. The list goes on, but it’s clear that adding user-generated content to your website can have a positive impact on the brand’s bottom line.

Social hubs help support your overall sales funnel when featured on your website, but they can also be used as a more targeted asset for contests, campaigns, and events. Use a product-specific hashtag to collect and curate user-generated social content focused on a hero product to drive sales or brand awareness. Support a contest or giveaway by aggregating posts with a shared hashtag on a microsite to highlight the user-generated content that’s created. Post a real-time feed of social media posts at an in-person event to drive engagement and showcase activity at the event.

Top Social Hubs We Love

Breckenridge Resort Chamber

The Breckenridge tourism bureau wanted to share user-generated content from their guests to encourage other people to visit. They launched a social media campaign to collect photos using the #BreckBecause hashtag. With Pixlee, they received over 18,000 photos and saw a 35% click-through-rate.

breckenridge homepage 1


KiraGrace has a strong following for its designer yoga clothes and wanted to leverage their passionate fans to boost sales. Pixlee helped the brand collect and curate customer photos from social media under the hashtag #KiraGrace and encouraged customers to upload product photos to the website. All the photos and videos were collected and turned into a shoppable display on the KiraGrace homepage. The brand saw a 6% increase in average order size and visitors were 2.25X more likely to make a purchase after seeing customer photos.

How to Create a Social Hub

There are several self-serve platforms available that can help you aggregate your social media profiles. Connect your social networks or plug in the hashtags and handles you want to display to start aggregating content. Then, you can collect and manage the content, and embed it on your website or a microsite.With Pixlee, you can create a dynamic gallery to collect and showcase results from your social networks. If you’re running a contest or campaign with a unique hashtag, a social hub is a great way to display curated posts using the hashtag. Drive sales with shoppable social galleries that leverage user-generated content to increase conversions. Use the power of social proof when you feature real customers using your products in your social hub.

Marketers are investing more in social media, and creating a social hub helps you get even more value out of your social media marketing. Aggregate the content from your social profiles and brand hashtags in one place so you can curate and display it in a visual, interactive gallery. Drive more engagement and more conversions on your site with featured content from your social channels and user-generated content from your followers. With a social hub, your social media goes farther and works harder.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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