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The Next Generation of Retail Experiences: Leading Retailer Launches Interactive In-Store Touchscreens with UGC from Social Media

Today’s consumers rely heavily on social media and tapping into their community when it comes to brand loyalty and their purchase decisions. Brands understand that user-generated content (UGC) that shows real people with your products creates a more engaging shopping experience and builds trust. The question is how to bring the authentic community experience from social media into your stores.

“UGC content is incredibly valuable to a brand, because of that authenticity, and being able to reliably update material that shoppers respect and trust-instore, without adding additional work or complexity for the retailer, is the real magic of this integrated service,” says Stuart Armstrong, Group President of ComQi, a global leader in in-store shopper engagement technology.

Pixlee partnered with ComQi to do just that—provide a personalized, authentic shopping experience for a large retailer. At an NYC flagship store, interactive touchscreens were placed all around the store with fresh Instagram content where shoppers can instantly engage with their favorite products. Every store department featured curated content from Pixlee and ComQi’s EnGage CMS ensured all of it was distributed accurately based upon their data attributes.

Powered by Pixlee’s API, “Shoppers would get that social engagement through screens, and that would not only encourage them to like posts and do their own posts, but influence them to buy apparel that’s popular with their peers,” says Stuart Armstrong, Group President of ComQi.

This interactive touchscreen campaign has been going on for about a year and the retailer recognized the benefit of bringing UGC to their flagship storefront— increasing authenticity, brand loyalty and repeat purchases. They absolutely love it! It allows their customers to express themselves, shape the brand story and create more meaningful memories within their community.

That’s really important and this omni-channel experience will continue to play a significant role for brands in the years to come.

To learn more about how you can capitalize on user-generated content (UGC) for your brand, please contact us today!

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