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The Best Free Content Aggregator Tool for Hashtag Analytics

Why does your brand need a content aggregator tool to collect hashtag analytics?A free content aggregator is a great way to automatically collect and track information about your brand based on keywords. They allow you to track your evergreen or campaign hashtags to find content and hashtags help your brand find content that features your brand and products. The content serves as an online focus group for your brand, giving you the opportunity to learn insights from the content that performs best. The photos and videos shared online that have the most engagement or likes give examples of what content your brand should replicate or include in your marketing. Searching through the photos that customers are sharing online about your products is also a great way to find potential brand influencers.

Content aggregator tools that use hashtag analytics help your brand see who is posting about you, get details on your target audience, optimize the exposure of your social media posts, and run better campaigns. Using hashtags makes your content more discoverable in searches and more easily categorized. The more that people see your hashtag the more likely they are to use it themselves when they upload photos. Hashtag aggregators allow you to compile brand-related hashtags and find out what content performs best.


Hashtagify is an advanced Twitter hashtag search engine that enables you to identify the most effective hashtags to reach your audience. You can access information about related tweets, top influencers, and usage patterns. They provide hashtag tracking and aggregation tools like top brand influencers, usage patterns, and a hashtag wall that aggregates tweets into one board.

Hashtagify is free to use and all you have to do is sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you can save and manage your hashtags, receive hashtag alerts and get your hashtag definitions featured. However, to access the instagram tracking and influencers and competitors features, you have to sign up for a paid account. With the free account, you can access the top 6 influencers, but to see more you’ll also need a paid account. Hashtagify is mainly focused on finding hashtags on Twitter, so its capacity for tracking user content is limited.

Pixlee Free Instagram Analytics

Instagram has a rapidly growing user base, which makes it a great place for marketers to promote their brands. Pixlee offers free Instagram analytics that help track your brand’s posts on Instagram and how they are performing.  Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics tool offers post scheduling, social influencer identification, and Instagram post analytics along with analytical tools and hashtag analytics. All of these aspects allow brands to find their most passionate customers and identify influencers that can maximize social campaign outreach.

Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics can help you discover Instagram influencers to generate buzz by looking at what makes up the ideal Instagram influencer: expertise, reach, and brand interest. Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms, and with Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics tool, you can monitor your brand performance through hashtag statistics and tracking as well as the growth in your brand’s Instagram followers. Once you identify your most engaging posts about your brand and your top performing content, you can hone your marketing strategy based on the results. Best of all, Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics offers all of the tools free.


Talkwalker’s Free Search tool allows users to easily measure the impact of hashtags using a variety of metrics including general buzz, engagement, sentiment and potential reach. With Talkwalker’s free Social Media Search, you can get a snapshot of your online performance for the past seven days based on your brand or company name or a hashtag. With Talkwalker Alerts, you can monitor online sources and get regular email updates about new mentions of your brand and competitors -- or any events or topics of your choice.

You can also sign up to receive a free demo of the paid Talkwalker social intelligence platform to learn how to use advanced social media analytics for your brand’s specific needs. Talkwalker’s more advanced platform is a paid service that analyzes online, social, print, and TV/Radio content plus monitoring results in real-time with access to 2 years of historic data.


Tagboard collects social media posts sharing a common theme, topic, or interest (indicated by a hashtag). Tagboard then adds all the content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and Vine to an online board so that you can see all of the mentions of a particular hashtag in one place. You can also select social media networks individually to see how the hashtag usage changes between platforms.

The free options with Tagboard don’t offer much in the way of analytics, but it’s a great way to get a quick visual look at how a particular hashtag is being used across multiple social media platforms. You can also explore hashtags linked to the one you originally searched. They also have a sentiment gauge that helps see whether the hashtag is being used positively or negatively.

Social Media data collection can help you see your brand’s reach and identify the best-performing content that your customers are creating about your brand. It can also help you find your fan base and influencers that are creating stellar user generated content. Talkwalker, Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics Tool, Hashtagify, and Tagboard offer different ways to track hashtag analytics across social media. When it comes to tracking hashtag analytics and discovering social influencers, Pixlee’s Instagram Analytics Tool is the most robust tool that you can get for free.

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