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Social Media and UGC

Scaling Permission With Creator Content

Social media has completely changed how content is created and shared. But proper attribution and copyright have struggled to keep up with the viral nature of social content. Unsurprisingly, creators really want to be credited for their work. For brands looking to harness the power of user-generated content, ensuring permission from creators should be the first priority. While navigating permission rights in the social media space can be challenging, here are some ways technology can help brands permission content from creators.

Social Media’s Solution to Attribution

Misattributed or unattributed content is one of the harsh current realities of the social media giant. Even with watermarks and trademarked content, creators face the challenge of tracking and tracing every piece of content they produce. But recently, Facebook announced an update to the Rights Manager that now includes images. This new feature, although currently only available through an application, shows a clear stance in favor of creators. Facebook isn’t the only platform innovating in the world of permissions, though. Natively within YouTube, copyright owners can utilize Content ID to see if their material has been repurposed in other content. Both of these tools can help brands and creators verify if their content is being used without permission – further supporting the idea that creators absolutely deserve to be credited for their work. But when those images, videos, and other content migrate off of social – how can brands ensure that the content they’re working with is approved and permissioned from the creator?

Innovation in Permissions Beyond Social Media

Getting permission to reshare content on social media alone might seem very straightforward. Doing this at-scale, while also managing a content calendar requires scalable tools. With Pixlee, marketers can easily obtain permission and scale their permissioning across relevant social channels and direct uploaders on the site, making sure all content is properly attributed and okay to share.

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Revel Nail permissions content from Instagram user @nail_dip_samiGiving your team the ability to permission content from users regardless of the social media platform helps your brand connect with users better. In fact, 85% of people are willing to grant permission for brands to use their content. Brands have the ultimate opportunity to grow customer relationships through user-generated content. With Pixlee, scaling that connection in a responsible way has never been easier.

Awad Sayeed
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