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Product ratings and UGC both work, but can they work together?

Product reviews are a huge part of a customer’s buying decision, but where should they appear? Displaying them almost seems counterintuitive to the clean, conversion-oriented design most Ecommerce sites strive for. How do you keep your website free of clutter while providing the most relevant product information?Athletic clothing retailer HYLETE found the ability to do just that. As a digitally native Ecommerce brand, HYLETE has built an intensely loyal customer base – return customers are placing orders up to eight times a year with high upsell and cross-selling opportunities. Their success lies in the customer-centric community they’ve built.

You're not going to get someone to buy that many times unless they feel connected to a brand”.

HYLETE chose to use Pixlee’s Text Ratings and Reviews feature to create a streamlined experience for their customers while meeting high growth goals. This new functionality helps HYLETE ensure the best shopping experience for their loyal customers while improving conversions on each page. Here’s how it worksAuthentic customer reviews are displayed alongside visual UGC, providing a highly interactive and rich experience. This creates an interactive experience for both first-time buyers and long-term customers.  Pixlee customers like Hylete can present a cleaner and more compelling Ecommerce experience while promoting customer reviews from independent sources, such as Yotpo and BazaarVoice.

Screen Shot 2018 10 24 at 2.17.59 PM

Through this double-edged UGC approach, Hylete provides encompassing social proof to consumers. The result of these campaigns? A staggering 30% increase in conversions after utilizing the Pixlee platform, and a 154% increase in returning visitors to the HYLETE site.  As a digitally native brand with no physical retail presence, these adjustments to their UGC strategy create a key profit driver for HYLETE.

Pixlee helps us tell our community story, which is crucial to HYLETE's success.

Pixlee-powered marketing creates a more actionable experience for users, driving higher engagement compared to traditional content marketing. Shoppers on HYLETE’s site are treated to a more relatable experience, with reviews and user-submitted content validating the products. At a time where consumers have access to a plethora of negative and positive information about where they choose to shop, authentic text reviews combined with powerful user-submitted content is proven across Pixlee’s customer base to improve conversions.

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