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Pixlee Values: #EveryDayMatters

We have three company values #EveryDayMatters, #ConsistentlyDeliver, and #NeverStopLearning. As a startup grows, it becomes increasingly important to establish and maintain the right company culture. Your values have to be relatable enough to resonate with a diverse audience, yet specific enough to inform your hiring criteria.

When Pixlee began to grow, we realized we had to create a written set of Pixlee values for the team. In the cliche-filled brainstorm on what working at Pixlee really meant to us, it was clear which phrase would serve as the first of our three pillars--Every Day Matters. It was something that our co-founders had coined during the first years. From there, it seeped into our work ethic and inspired us to go the extra mile. Every Day Matters. So what does it mean and why is it important to our team?In the plainest terms, we believe that we should approach each day with the same sense of importance. Every single day holds the potential to be an extraordinary one. Pixlee is in a unique position where the product and market are poised for us to fundamentally change the marketing industry, and it’s not often that the stars align. Our story is just beginning.We strive to make the Pixlee platform a best-in-class solution, so we operate the same way internally. Whether for career or personal interests, we want to work with people who desire to be the best at their craft. The Pixlee team is filled with artists, musicians, athletes, and scholars, but we’re united by a hunger and dedication to be the best at what we do.In the words of our team, “I love Pixlee because most of the people here are not complacent with average work but strive to exceed expectations.

” One person’s unadulterated advice to new hires is to “leave your mark every ****ing day and you will get recognized for it! Value is transparent within the company.

” It’s our goal to put our employees in a position to succeed and to feel like they have an impact on our business each and every day.

To us, #EveryDayMatters means that we’ll work another hour, wear an extra hat, or squeeze in that last call. It means that every single employee has the opportunity to rise to the occasion and make a contribution that will move the needle. When the entire team goes the extra mile, that’s when the needle moves exponentially. Every Day Matters. Because you don’t build a successful company on the days that you don’t hustle.

Awad Sayeed
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