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Pixlee TurnTo Announces the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network to Improve Influencer Discovery

This article was originally published on PRNewswire.

Leading Social User-Generated Content, Influencer Marketing, and Ratings & Reviews company Pixlee TurnTo today launched the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network, a program designed to showcase top content creators seeking partnerships with brands – and ultimately solve the challenge of influencer discovery for brands.

Viewing influencers as strategic partners with expertise in creating content and building a unique, engaged audience, brands today are increasingly looking for opportunities to discover (and learn from) influencers online. The Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network bridges the gap between influencer discovery and campaign management, showcasing a curated selection of creators to brands already using Pixlee TurnTo for Creators, the influencer marketing solution released by Pixlee TurnTo in 2021.

Building upon the existing Social UGC, Influencer Marketing, and Ratings & Reviews functionality brands like Alo Yoga, Boohoo, Morphe and Kimpton Hotels are currently utilizing, the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network provides a two-sided marketplace approach to influencer discovery. This innovation helps pave the way for content partnerships that both brands and influencers are equally passionate about, while reducing the manual effort marketers expend sourcing influencers.

“Finding the right influencers is a cumbersome, manual, and time-consuming process for marketers. In building out our Creator Network, we are working to replace Social Media Managers' inefficient doom scrolling of searching for influencers amongst unaffiliated Instagram profiles. Marketers need easier ways to find the best possible people to partner with to create compelling content and amplify their brand. We are hoping the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network reduces the barrier brands currently face in building influencer programs while simplifying the process of connecting with certified content creators.” —Andrew Higgins, VP of Marketing, Pixlee TurnTo.

The Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network currently serves as a recommendation portal for brands seeking partnerships as well as an opportunity for the creators to gain more exposure. Select, self-identified influencers who have authenticated with the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network will continue to be featured on the list, which allows site visitors to filter by influencer niche.

“Disparate creator marketplaces across social media platforms lead to a fragmented content landscape that brands struggle to keep up with. We aim to provide an influencer discovery solution that doesn’t silo the creators and unifies community and influencer marketing programs.” — Kyle Wong,  Co-Founder, Pixlee TurnTo.

For more information on the Pixlee TurnTo Creator Network, please visit the Pixlee TurnTo Featured Influencers & Creators list.

Evelyn Taylor
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