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Need for (Site) Speed? Look No Further

We saw a recent claim that if two of our competitors ran a foot race, Platform X would beat Platform Y by a longshot.

While we applaud all efforts to create faster widgets, we just want to take a quick moment to set the record straight:

TurnTo has been the fastest reviews solution in the market for over a year now.In May of 2019, TurnTo launched Speedflex™ - the fastest review platform in the game. As part of the launch, we ran speed tests to see how Speedflex™ stacked up against the competition. The results? TurnTo widgets run about a half to a quarter of the size of competitors.

With SpeedFlex™, eCommerce sites no longer face a trade-off between a slow-loading but easy widget implementation, or a fast-loading but time consuming API project.

Brands and retailers can have the best of both API and widget approaches:

  • Customer experiences that are uniquely tailored to their brand and product categories
  • A quick implementation with minimal effort
  • And fast page loads that improve conversion rates and deliver meaningful search engine optimization (SEO).

Yottaa - a software speed and performance technology - even named TurnTo the most improved when it came to site speed in 2019.

So yes, speed matters. And we're happy everyone else is finally realizing it too (even if they're a bit late to the party).

To learn more about site speed and product reviews, email sales@turnto.com.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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