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How to Use Pixlee to Get Deeper Instagram Analytics


Editor’s Note: In 2020, Pixlee sunsetted the free Instagram Analytics tool due to changes with the Instagram API. Fortunately, we’re still able to offer best-in-class Instagram analytics through the full Pixlee suite

Instagram is one of the top social media channels for brands to engage with fans. But monitoring engagement and growth on that channel alone can be time-consuming. In reality, collecting accurate information about the performance of your brand’s Instagram account should be simple, straightforward, and of course, aesthetically on-point.

We’re introducing Pixlee Instagram Social Analytics, the best solution to busy social media marketers looking to get high-quality insights into their branded accounts. With Pixlee’s Instagram Social Analytics you’ll get an overview of the top metrics for your Instagram business accounts, broken down to show both daily and total counts. 

With the report updated daily, this feature enables you to easily switch between social analytics for your Instagram business accounts, so every handle is accounted for in your reports. What’s more – you can export the report as a PDF file and change the date range to make the report easily shareable.

ig social analytics june 2020

This report offers a multitude of valuable insights for you and your team, including:

    • Total Posts – made with your account 
    • Followers – amount gained and lost 
    • Engagement – total number of likes and comments
    • Engagement Rate – total number of likes and comments divided by followers divided by posts 
    • Profile Views – total number of users who have viewed your account
    • Website Views – total number of taps on the website link in the account’s profile
    • Impressions – total number of times the account’s media objects have been viewed
    • Reach – total number of times the account’s media objects have been uniquely viewed

With Pixlee’s new Instagram Analytics feature, you can make your Instagram account more data-driven with the metrics that are most important to you.

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