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Instagram Analytics 101: A Beginner’s Guide

insta analytics

If your brand is spending money to talk to your consumers, it’s worth listening to what they have to say.

As Instagram becomes a larger piece of brands’ social media efforts, there is a growing need for more accurate measurement and performance insight on the platform. Unlike more mature social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, there is far less domain expertise and knowledge around Instagram analytics. However, this data can be leveraged to gauge the efficacy of your brand’s online reach and provide valuable Instagram insight on your customers.

We’ve put together a high-level guide that makes the case for Instagram analytics and offers a list of key metrics your brand should collect from the platform.

Why are Instagram analytics important?

Six of the seven social media networks have engagement rates that stand at under 1%. Top brands on Instagram generate a per-follow engagement rate of 4.21%[1]  This high level of engagement offers a plethora of unique consumer insights– from customer experience to post-purchase information.

Unlike with user-generated content, consumers rarely engage with branded social content. But by hashtag tracking and monitoring your branded content performance on Instagram, you can easily figure out what photos are performing best and capitalize on these content wins.


What Instagram Analytics should I collect?

Start with the basics. The data you collect should make it easy to monitor your brand, discover emerging brand influencers, and identify top branded content.

1. Track your brand handle’s performance

  • Total followers
  • Engagement per post
  • Top branded content posts

2. Measure your followers’ conversations

  • Total posts about your brand
  • Top brand influencers
  • Top content posted about your brand

There are far fewer instagram monitoring tools that help brands effectively collect and derive insights from Instagram than there are for other digital channels. But you’d be surprised at how much you can learn about both your customers and your business by analyzing this data on a regular interval.

To help simplify the data gathering process, we’ve created a tool that delivers free weekly Instagram analytics reports for your brand.  It’s an easy way to track instagram followers, monitor your brand handle performance, and customer conversation.

[1] Forrester, 2014.


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