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Increase Online Conversion with Pixlee's eCommerce Solution

Pixlee’s eCommerce solution proves that user-generated content images sell. By using visual endorsements (aka customer photos) in lookbooks, on product pages, and in email marketing, Pixlee clients are seeing a 2X increase in conversion and a 6% increase in AOV.

Peer recommendations have always been a powerful part of influencing customer buying decisions. The use of text-based reviews on eCommerce websites has been integral in creating authenticity and trust in the online shopping experience for much of the last two decades. Over the last 3 years, consumer behavior has shifted to the use of photos as a primary form of communication, to the tune of 1.8B photos/day. Millions of these photos are brand endorsement of the places, brands and products that they love. These photos offer new value over text-based reviews to drive higher online conversion and engagement.

With Pixlee’s eCommerce solution, it's incredibly easy for brands to get started marketing and selling with real customer photos.

Making Customer Photos Shoppable:Use any URL and image to create one or more rich CTA links.

Automate your Widgets with your eCommerce Platform Feed: Pixlee works with any e-commerce CMS platform to create product-specific widgets that appear when the product page loads.

Connect User-Generated Content to Product SKUs: Once you have your product feed imported, you can quickly assign products to photos. The photo then carries that product action link wherever it’s published.

Measure the Impact on Sales: Track the full funnel from page load through purchase.

Learn more about how Pixlee’s eCommerce solution can help you at www.pixlee.com/ecommerce-solution or send us an email at hi@pixleeteam.com.

Andrew Higgins
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