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Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversion Rate with Pixlee’s Newest Feature

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Facebook and Instagram ads can be a huge driver of traffic and sales for your ecommerce site. But, when 96% of Americans believe that marketing and advertising is done to intentionally mislead, how do you ensure that your message is resonating with your audience (ExpertVoice)?

Combatting consumer skepticism towards marketing and advertising could be as simple as showcasing how your brand and your products reflect consumers’ values through relatable and authentic content. Brands can sell more by using content from happy customers to forge deeper relationships with consumers. By leveraging customer-driven content throughout their site, brands experience uplifts in conversion, order values, and site engagement. Now, we are excited to share that we can extend that ability to Facebook and Instagram ads.

Using Pixlee, you can now send customer photos and videos directly to the Facebook Ad platform to use in advertising across Facebook and Instagram. So far, we’ve found that social ads featuring customer content from Pixlee see around 35% higher click-through than traditional ads, and as a bonus, the creative is far more authentic (and scalable) than traditional content.

Pixlee Facebook ads integration

The ability to send customer content to Facebook is now included with every Pixlee account, making it easier and faster than ever to increase the return on your social advertising spend. Current Pixlee users: Check out our support article to see step by step instructions on how to send content from your Pixlee account.

Want to see this feature in action, or learn more about Pixlee? Request a demo today.

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