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How to Recover More Revenue with Customer Photos in Retargeting Ads

How to Recover More Revenue with Customer Photos in Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a marketing strategy within the larger practice of programmatic advertising that enables marketers to deliver personalized content to users based on past website visits. Many marketers have a general understanding of how retargeting works, but few are aware of how to optimize retargeting campaigns with effective content.

Why does Retargeting Work?

Retargeted provides marketers with the ability to target a highly relevant audience at scale. Retargeting ads campaigns can run across multiple social media channels, websites, and platforms– accessing the browser on many online touchpoints. It provides personalized and precise marketing to remind customers of their interest and helps to increase engagement by incentivizing browsers to return to your site.  Ultimately, it increases conversions as it prompts customers to make a purchase.

Successful Retargeting Tactics

There are several types of retargeting ads. These include content ads, lead generation, and direct purchase ads. Here’s a quick recap on each.

Content ads push followers to your site – usually to a helpful article or a specific landing page. Content ads aren’t driving customers specifically to a sale, but they serve to further educate potential customers about your product or brand.

Lead generation ads operate on the key idea of offering something of value to the consumer. This can be a free trial of a product, a link to a newsletter, a limited time discount, or another relevant offer to re-engage your customer’s interest.

Direct purchase ads are meant to drive the browser to make a purchase by incentivizing the browser to click on the ad and return him or her to the relevant product page.

Retargeted ads should be aimed at users with a high intent to purchase– such as browsers who have abandoned items in cart or completed specific actions on site. These audiences are already familiar with your brand and targeting this segments will increase the likelihood of your retargeting campaigns’ success rates.

Using Customer Photos in Re-Targeting Ads

To optimize your retargeting campaigns, consider integrating customer photos into your content mix. Retargeting ads that display user generated content (UGC) receive 4x higher click-through rates and a 50% decrease in cost-per click.

For Lead Generation and Direct Purchase retargeting campaigns, display interactive customer photos of your products or customer photos of the relevant product. For Content Ads, display user-generated content that links to a social contests or campaign that offers social proof for your products.

To do this, consider using Pixlee’s  user-generated content for retargeting campaigns. Pixlee’s solution integrates with your product catalog and ad platform, linking your databases to feature different segments of customer photos in your retargeting ads. Pixlee’s algorithms measure which customer photos have the highest performance, automatically optimizing which content is featured to improve click-through rates.

User-generated content pairs well with retargeting ad campaigns as both are effective at increasing engagement and conversions. Pixlee’s Retargeting Ad Solution helps brands efficiently and effectively display UGC in retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting ad campaigns can help brands increase conversion by serving relevant content to a highly engaged audience. Displaying real customer photos and videos in retargeting ads can help brands to further optimize their retargeting campaigns and incentivize customers to make a purchase. With user generated content, marketers can automate retargeting campaigns with authentic, relevant, and actionable content to recover more revenue.

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