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How to Create The Ultimate eCommerce Product Page

Ultimate eCommerce Product Page

eCommerce photography is about making sure that the images you display to your visitors reflect your brand lifestyle.

Visual content is indeed the cornerstone of any branding campaign. Your product photos need to be memorable and high quality in order to turn your browsers into buyers.

 Sadly, many eCommerce storefront owners still haven’t quite figured out how to give their eCommerce store an authentic and memorable feel. Consequently, all the efforts that brands put in to reaching customers is lost once those customers arrive on their site.

So, how do you create the ultimate eCommerce product page?

Let’s start with your product photos. Non-negotiable, you have to have them. Most likely you spend the day conducting a photo-shoot, maybe hire a photographer, spend hours editing and perfecting. Essentially, you spend a lot of time and money to get these photos looking professional. Your product page is now passable as an adequate eCommerce experience.

But you can’t stop there…

 These aren’t the only photos you need to have on your product pages. And here’s where you become an A player in the eCommerce game. Add real customer photos of your products onto your product pages. It’s that simple! Customers are posting over 2 billion photos every day of the brands and products they love. You can easily collect these photos from social media and display the high-quality ones that best represent your brand. Let your customers drive for a bit! Adding authentic product photos to complement your brand-created photography will help your eCommerce business to boost its sales, significantly (over 2X to be exact!)

Authentic Is Better

Customer photos are more authentic and are great for driving more sales on your online store. Brand engagement rises by up to 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional and user-generated content.

In his Visual Content Marketing on 3 Major Networks: Ideas and Inspiration guide, Arnie Kuenn notes that these photos can be used by ecommerce store owners to humanize their brand and web properties.

Potential buyers instantly connect with other real people. Adding an authentic, human element to your brand helps browsers easily visual themselves in your products.

In a nutshell, authentic photos are effective and can help your ecommerce store to:

  • Build trust and offer social proof of your products
  • Inspire browsers to buy
  • Increase brand buzz on social media

Don’t rely on brand-made product photography. If you want to improve your eCommerce experience tenfold, add a layer of authentic with real customer photos. It will humanize your brand and ultimately drive sales.


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