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How Pixlee Powers Web Personalization at Scale

Every community-driven brand looking to thrive in 2020 has at least one thing in common: they're prioritizing personalization. It’s a topic on the minds of many of our customers, and according to a study conducted by PWC’s Digital Services group, a staggering 94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers. Personalization requires clean and plentiful data – and can be costly to achieve.  But as the need for personalization grows in conjunction with privacy concerns, savvy brands are leveraging Pixlee to create more personalized digital experiences in 2020.

A Custom Experience at Scale

Community-driven brands stand out now because they have created products people love, learned based on customer feedback, and iterated constantly to improve their product-market fit. But reaching new and existing customers is challenging and costly, even in powerful channels like digital ads, PPC, social media, and influencers. Unfortunately, the average click-through rate for retail display ads is around 0.5%. Why is that? Perhaps part of the reason for this is that consumers are bombarded with messages that look roughly the same. More importantly, the content in the ad does not reflect what we think the product will be in reality. In order to stand out, brands are beginning to better personalize those ads by matching offers and content to better reflect who they’re targeting.

Variety in Personalization is Typically Expensive

Brand leaders that work with Pixlee have reported having as many as 30-50 unique customer personas. Even for just a few of those customer personas, the costs associated with engaging the right influencers and producing in-house or agency photos can be overwhelming. Multiply those costs by the number of products you’d hope to feature, and you can see why brands often reuse the same photos for months at a time.

To combat this content shortage, Pixlee helps brands leverage their loyal communities and repurpose content that speaks to their diverse set of customer personas. By repurposing content from their communities, they’re not only saving an impressive amount of money on content costs. They’re also creating a connection – one that is irreplaceable by highly-produced branded content.

Scaling Content and Custom Experiences

Sourcing content from your community with Pixlee solves the need for personalized experiences while creating inspirational content opportunities at critical conversion points. In fact, brands using Pixlee see a significant lift in conversion on key channels. For Tarte Cosmetics, customers who interacted with Pixlee content are 2.26 times more like to convert than those who interact with traditional content.Ready to get started? See how top brands like Sportsman's Guide are sourcing top-quality content from their customers and deploying it along the customer journey.

Nick is a retail solutions professional who's worked at several retail-focused SaaS startups over the past 5 years. He works with some of your favorite brands at the intersection of community and commerce.

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