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Social Media and UGC

How Pixlee Powers UGC Marketing with AI and Machine Learning

2017 has seen its share of buzzwords and phrases, but perhaps none have been bandied about as brazenly as artificial intelligence. One could speculate that AI and machine learning will continue to be hot topics in 2018 and for many years to come. We all know these concepts have been around for ages, and have inspired dozens upon dozens of robot-themed science fiction movies.

When it comes to marketing and AI, a lot of companies throw these terms around to create allure, but for many, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors. At Pixlee, we employ advanced real-world applications of AI and machine learning, with the goal of providing the highest-performing visual shopping and ecommerce tools for brands.

Our Vision for AI With the ubiquity of smartphones, brands have vast quantities of user-generated visual content at their disposal. To effectively leverage all this unstructured data, there must be systems in place to organize and filter these images. Pixlee uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ingest the data behind UGC and organize it in a way that maximizes the content’s impact.

Our custom AI functionality helps brands to quickly surface the best UGC, display it intelligently across marketing channels to scale revenue, and optimize displays of UGC over time. This makes Pixlee the smartest, most automated UGC platform in the space, enabling better performance with fewer resources.

Image Recognition

How Pixlee Powers UGC Marketing with AI and Machine Learning_image rec

Pixlee’s proprietary computer vision technology uses machine learning to make UGC more usable and identify the best UGC for a brand to display. Our image recognition searches for products and themes within collected photos and videos, and is proven is proven to deliver over 90% accuracy. This enables our product tagging system to automatically identify and tag a specific brand’s products within UGC photos. Using deep learning, our recommendation system identifies the best UGC by analyzing the metadata around the photo and combining that with visual topics extracted from the photo, delivering a more personalized, customer-centric experience.

Dynamic Display

How Pixlee Powers UGC Marketing with AI and Machine Learning_dynamic display

Pixlee’s artificially intelligent Dynamic Display algorithm uses data from social media and your website to automatically highlight highest performing user-generated content in galleries.  We provide brands with unlimited dynamic content that is intelligent, making it easier to personalize.

In addition to optimizing galleries for sales, Dynamic Display improves gallery performance over time as more data is gathered and added to the model. Our brands see at least a 20% increase in gallery engagement with dynamic display.

Spam Detection

How Pixlee Powers UGC Marketing with AI and Machine Learning_spam

In today’s world, quantity is not the problem for brands when it comes to user-generated content, but brand safety is a major concern. A study last year revealed that about a fifth of all items tagged as luxury goods on Instagram are fakes, identifying about 20,000 counterfeit-goods accounts. Pixlee’s artificially intelligent spam detection not only spots fakes, it sorts out nudity, inappropriate language, and more into a spam folder. With over 93% accuracy in detecting counterfeit and reseller content, the Pixlee platform cuts down collected content by 35%.

We’d love to hear what you consider the most valuable use of AI and machine learning with regard to your UGC marketing efforts? Tweet us your thoughts at @Pixlee .

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