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Influencer Marketing

How Micro-influencers Help Boost Omnichannel Sales

Creating an omnichannel campaign requires greater alignment than isolated advertisement efforts on your digital channels. But as consumers require added-value across every touchpoint, brands are having to get creative while maintaining brand alignment. Brands looking to execute omnichannel campaigns successfully are turning to micro-influencers– and it's paying off. According to PR Daily, 84% of micro-influencers offer products and services to their follower bases at least once a week, with 99% of them stating that they truly believe in the items they promote. Micro-influencers can attract a highly relevant audience who are more likely to convert into customers and subscribers. These are some of the top reasons “why” your brand should consider adopting a micro-influencer program for your omnichannel campaigns.

They are Strategic Partners for Your BrandMicro-influencers are successful because they've spent time and effort to build their community of followers from the ground up. This makes micro-influencers very genuine and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers, adding to your brand’s positive reputation. Micro-influencers offer strategic insight into what performs well with their audience. Both brands and the influencers they're working with have a lot to gain by creating the most compelling content. Brands need to trust influencers to offer unique insights that are specific to that audience.

From an omnichannel perspective, micro-influencers can give your brand access to highly specific local markets. Think of location-specific micro-influencers as community leaders who have the potential to introduce your brand to specific geographic locations and new markets.

Micro-Influencers can Create a Global PresenceSocial proof plays a large role in determining whether or not a brand can be trusted when it comes to ordering online products or services. Micro-influencers represent a form of social proof to the public – and the public loves the underdog. You can hire multiple micro-influencers from across the globe and build trust through different channels of communication with their followers. This can help you reach a vast global audience quickly and with a better ROI than you would have with a large celebrity influencer. Whether a customer is in Brazil, Greece or Japan, your micro-influencer’s charisma and small-scale approach to sales will help you attract more attention to your business.

Metrics and Success are Measurable with Micro-InfluencersBeing able to tie any marketing decision back to its initial investment cost is critical in the digital age. A good micro-influencer marketing program will have pre-chosen metrics for success.

Individual sales, conversions, recurring purchases, and other KPI's can be used to measure each micro-influencers efficacy. These sorts of metrics not only help brands make better decisions based on their budget, but they also offer insights for the influencers to see what sorts of content perform best with their audience.

Reason #4: Long-Term Collaboration PossibilitiesMicro-influencers are much more open to long-term collaboration and have the potential to grow with your brand. This can create a great strategic partnership and deeper insight that you wouldn't be able to otherwise obtain for your brand. Whether this pertains to in-store, digital, email or social, you'll learn first hand what a community wants and doesn't want, which can help drive your strategy forward.

Consider building a customer-first reputation for your brand by introducing a constant micro-influencer presence into your omnichannel marketing efforts. It will affect your brand recognition and marketability in a positive and authentic way.

Influencer marketing with smaller niche communities ultimately builds authenticity and trust with your brand – an issue that most marketers have to battle against. And going beyond social media, these partnerships with representatives of your community will prove to be strategic in the long run as your brand grows and micro-influencers do as well.

Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to brand promotion and blogging. She collaborates with TopWritersReview and other websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their name in the online world.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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