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How Marketers Can Drive More Conversions with Inspiration Galleries

Digitally-Native cosmetics retailer Morphe hit the online makeup scene in 2008 and rapidly established themselves as a cosmetics powerhouse. Morphe’s innovative e-commerce strategy has allowed them to grow into a top brand featured by celebrities & industry luminaries, and emerge as a leading digitally native brand. Innovation in Ecommerce means innovation at every step of the buying process. Morphe co-opts traditional photography with “Inspiration Galleries” derived from UGC that provides an authentic look at their products in action.

Here’s How it Works Morphe uses Pixlee to get the most out of their loyal community of 7.5 million followers by collecting UGC to directly promote specific products and ‘looks’ as they would realistically be worn.

With Pixlee’s Inspiration Galleries & Design Boards, online retailers like Morphe collect UGC that promotes specific products or functions. With this, they’re able to create inspiration galleries to attract customers.  

Morphe inspiration gallers

Photos added to an Inspiration gallery can be tagged with the products in use, as demonstrated above, seamlessly creating a purchase opportunity. UGC also gives retailers an opportunity to discover more about their customers buying habits & respond faster; for instance, which palettes and shades are most often posted or submitted by Morphe’s’ Instagram followers.

In a positive feedback loop, featuring customers on their own social accounts and Inspiration galleries successfully encourages customers to share their own content with Morphe, thus creating a more approachable and attainable look for the brand.

How Marketers generate huge ROI from UGC Inspiration Galleries

These Inspiration galleries, tuned to certain looks or products, drive customers to a curated buying experience, doubling conversion rates for browsing customers and leading to at least a 6% increase in order size across the board. With UGC, Morphe can select images for its inspiration galleries which meet their community standards, best show their products in action and promote the diversity of their customers. Social proof as a product advertisement plays an enormous role in buying decisions, and as the Morphe team puts it, ““UGC images convert really well — often times better than our standard stylized images. UGC helps us create a look that is very aspirational, but is also attainable."

Identifying your best customers and turning them into profit drivers

What Morphe has done with their community isn’t a “one in a million” success story. But they have perfected what is proving to be a replicable strategy that anyone using Pixlee can benefit from.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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