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How Fashion Brands Can Use TikTok

Many social media managers are beginning to understand how TikTok works. But fashion brands have already begun to take the lead (along with cosmetics brands) in terms of TikTok content. TikTok's unique format and highly engaged user base combine to create an exciting new frontier for community engagement for fashion brands. Given the nuances of the channel, here are some unique and interesting ways fashion and apparel brands can rule TikTok.

1. Before and After Videos with Influencers or Customers

TikTok is a great channel for before and after transformation demos. Fashion brands are uniquely poised to take advantage of this with influencers and user-generated content. One popular example of this on TikTok that fashion brands already use is to cut a video in the middle to reveal a totally different look or style. Creating this content can be time-consuming, however, and TikTok users crave authentic and not-overly-produced content. Working with influencers or existing customers can bring a relatable or aspirational edge to your brand on TikTok, without losing the authentic vibe the channel necessitates.

2. Step-By-Step or Training Video

Showing how to style a look or specific outfit is another great way for fashion brands to connect on TikTok. Breaking down step-by-step instructions for achieving a specific style can give your followers the inspiration they need to create their own looks.

3. Create A Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag trends and challenges are very common with TikTok. Some of the best hashtag challenges have been encouraged by brands, even created by brands. Ralph Lauren launched a campaign on TikTok while the US Open was happening in August of 2019. They featured actress Diana Silver playing tennis and celebrating her wins with the native-type effect within TikTok’s native design. They encouraged other users to create their own similar videos using the #WinningRL, for a chance to win Ralph Lauren merchandise. This generated over 700 million views on the initial brand video and other videos created during the challenge.

4. Trendjack

On TikTok, trends can change very quickly. And there's nothing wrong with well-done trendjacking. But this can be a tricky area because not all trends should be capitalized on. This is one place where partnering with influencers can be helpful as their insight into trends on the channel and the audience you're trying to reach can help gauge how that trend will resonate.

5. Create a Virtual Event

As virtual events gain traction, fashion brands can host virtual fashion shows or event-like experiences with TikTok. As mentioned in Vogue,  “By letting users create their own videos for a challenge or campaign, brands give users a sense that they’re part of [a wider community],” explains Laura Perez, director of communications at TikTok. Building a virtual community around your brand has never been more tenable than right now.

TikTok is already a booming channel, and as digital engagement increases this year, it'll be important to at least understand how it can impact different brands.

David is a professional writer and essay writer from Virginia. He is the father of two kids and an amateur long-distance runner.

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