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Social Media and UGC

How Brands Can Innovate With Pinterest in 2021

With more than 478 million active users worldwide and 240 million pins saved to date by countless users, Pinterest is much more than just a place that houses tons of photos, graphics, links, and creative inspiration. Given that it’s a very user-driven social media platform which lends itself to visual content created by influencers and other people, Pinterest is an excellent place for finding user-generated content (UGC.)

Moreover, Pinterest has features that make it an ideal platform for brands to use as a regular marketing channel to share UGC. From developing video profiles to creating a “shop” tab for brands to feature their products, Pinterest has many tools for companies to utilize. Given that many unique features are already in place and that more are released every few months on Pinterest, it’s important for brands to learn all the ways to implement them to achieve the most beneficial outcomes. The following advice highlights the many methods brands can use to innovate with Pinterest.

Share UGC Directly to PinterestHigh-quality and engaging visual content can come directly from your customers. Posting UGC is a good tactic for growing engagement on Pinterest. With 3.5 million monthly views on Pinterest, Alo Yoga uses the platform to engage with potential customers by showcasing their products with UGC. Similarly, Million Dollar Baby posts UGC of nursery rooms on their account with links to the featured products, and their page generates 1.7 million monthly views.

alo yoga pinterest profile of customer photos
million dollar baby's pinterest profile with customer photos

Tag Products in Idea Pins Most recently, Pinterest announced that creators have the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable. Idea Pins are a multi-page video format where creators post inspirational videos such as tutorials and product reviews; they can now also tag products in their Idea Pin. This feature makes it easier for brands to collect UGC as they can search for tagged Idea Pins products. Simultaneously, it allows brands to directly link their products to any UGC they feature on their Pinterest accounts. Implement Unique Features of a Business ProfileFor business profiles, Pinterest added a Shop tab for customers to directly shop from the brand’s profile. This helps increase traffic for the company's own website. Companies can also design their own photo or video profile cover which helps them communicate their mission and values. HYLETE, with a business profile on Pinterest, can have a shop section to display their products.

HYLETE's business profile page on Pinterest

Run Creative ADsYou can run unique creative ads that submit creative and valuable content, facts and figures, infographics, and other essentials to fulfill customers’ demands. These ads can help you increase your reach and connect you to the new users that could be your buying customers for a lifetime. UGC can also be a part of your paid ads, since they are memorable and people believe they are authentic. These ADs float between $2.00 to $5.00 per thousand impressions that could be beneficial to outspread your brand’s voice and awareness at the same time.

For example, FabFitFun runs ADs on Pinterest, with some featuring UGC and lifestyle photography.

FabFitFun's creative advertisement on Pinterest featuring customer photos with products

Create Value-Added, Non-Promotional Content There are many ways to educate your followers to convert them into customers. Brands can share faithful tutorials, creative infographics, visual content, written content, and links to additional valuable and educational content. Given that Pinterest is a content channel where people often turn to for inspiration, the content that brands share on Pinterest should be just as engaging and helpful.

For example, Morphe posts UGC of the stunning makeup looks their customers create with Morphe products, and they include a link to the purchase site of the product on the post. The company aims to inspire other Pinterest users who may want to try out similar makeup styles and decide that they want to use the same materials.

Morphe makeup product ad on pinterest

Influencer MarketingOn Pinterest, you can find the top users in your industry whose audience aligns with your brand’s values. By interacting with, sharing content from, and even partnering with trusted accounts on Pinterest can increase your brand awareness and give your brand a competitive edge on this platform.

Pinterest is also making it easier for brands and influencers to collaborate. Influencers can add brands in their Idea Pins, and upon the brand’s approval, a “paid partnership” label will appear. The transparency with these labels establishes trust and helps influencers share their content. Monitor Future UpdatesPinterest is constantly generating new features that help businesses grow on the platform. For example, Pinterest will soon be releasing Shop the Look ADs for their mobile format. Companies can feature multiple products in one AD. With the ability to tag up to 25 products in an image, customers can interact with more of the brand’s products in a more concise format.

Apply this Advice & Innovate with these Features Pinterest marketing strategies can do a lot for your business and generate organic leads if you creatively utilize them. These strategy tactics can help you do something larger than life in the digital world. Try out these techniques to witness the powerful ROI’s and beneficial outcomes in a minimal timeframe.

Umar Ilyas is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Techxide. Umar Ilyas spends most of his time understanding audiences and attracting them with his strategic content. When he's not on his work desk, you'll find him gaming and searching for the latest fashion trends

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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