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Social Media and UGC

Brands: How to Make a Youtube Short

Many brands are already using YouTube to create videos to increase engagement, but with the introduction of YouTube Shorts and TikTok, more opportunities are arising to connect with your target audience. Let’s dive into how to make a YouTube short and why this channel may help promote your brand.

Why Brands Should Invest in YouTube Shorts

What is a YouTube Short? The difference between these videos and regular YouTube videos is that they're designed to be watched on your phone. Like TikTok they're filmed portrait style, so they fit the screen when a phone is being held normally. They're also under 60 seconds long. The short run time means they'll hold the watcher's attention just long enough so you can get your message across. 

While TikTok and Instagram provide short-form video entertainment, YouTube Shorts may be more beneficial to brands that have already established a presence on YouTube because of their integration to the overall YouTube ecosystem. 

Embroidery brand DMC maintains a powerful presence on YouTube, posting tutorial and inspiration videos and Shorts for thousands of knitting fans. This strategy paves the way for user engagement and increased user-generated content (UGC) from passionate customers using Shorts to showcase how they use their DMC products.

Video is an excellent way of getting your message out there, with videos being watched 3x times more than images and text are read by potential customers. In fact, the average person watches 92 minutes of YouTube videos per day. Shorts provide another source of UGC as well as a new avenue for brands to reach their target audiences.

How To Make a YouTube Short That Drives Engagement

So how do you make your own videos to go on YouTube Shorts? The first thing to do, if you haven't already, is to create your own YouTube account. This is free and very simple to do when you follow their steps. 

Once you have an account, download the YouTube app on your smartphone, click the plus button, and tap “upload a short.” From here, you have the option to upload videos from your device or film through the app. After creating your video, YouTube lets you edit your video with sounds, filters, and other tools, and provide details like a caption and hashtags.  

To stop scrollers in their tracks, you'll want to make videos that are creative and engaging. Think about how you make other content on your media channels. Consider featuring influencer content and/or UGC from your customers in addition to your own brand’s content.

You can make how – to videos or you can film the process of creating your products or giving your services. Think about what your audience may be looking for in videos, and cater to their needs. 

Use keywords: Just like you would in written content, use keywords that your audience will be searching for. These should be in your title, hashtags, and descriptions. 

Keep the video short: This is something that you'll need to do if you want to use the Shorts format. Your content should be eye-catching and provoke interaction from viewers — even if it doesn’t last the full 60 seconds.

Use hashtags: As mentioned earlier, you can use hashtags on your video. You'll want to ensure you do this, as again it helps your audience find your video when they're looking for content that they may be interested in. 

Create a playlist: Once you've made a few Shorts, you'll want to create a playlist on your channel containing them all. That makes it easier to find them all in one place and watch them. 

Share Shorts on other channels: The content you upload to YouTube shorts may work well for other platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or even your brand’s website. Promote your Shorts on your other social media channels and reuse this content where you see fit.

Now you know all the basics about creating and using YouTube Shorts in order to build your brand and bring in more business. It's a powerful tool when used well, so make sure that you're weaving your Shorts strategy into your overall YouTube approach. 

Sara Sparrow is a technical writer from Professional assignment writers and Top Canadian Writers. She covers marketing and tech in business. She also contributes to Best essay writing services.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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