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Ratings and Reviews

Amazon's Experiments with "One-Tap" Product Reviews Anticipate Streamlined Collection Strategies

If you’re a close follower of news about Amazon, you might have seen a recent TechCrunch report detailing the eCommerce giant’s test of “one-tap ratings.”1

The premise is a simple one: Amazon’s shoppers can give product feedback with a single tap that assigns the item a star rating, and nothing else. There’s no requirement to write out a review or submit a review title.

We think it’s a great idea. TurnTo actually already offers a similar feature for customers on our API implementation.

Only we call it a Typeless Review. And it offers some seriously solid benefits for your eCommerce site.

Typeless Reviews Eliminate Barriers to Content Collection

Giving your shoppers a quick and easy option for leaving a star rating is a no-brainer. It eliminates nearly every friction point a customer might face in leaving product feedback. Basically, it’s a simple, fast way to increase your Customer-Generated Content submission rates.

That’s something Amazon clearly took note of. An Amazon spokesperson quoted in the TechCrunch article said the feature “allows customers to leave feedback easily while also helping shoppers get authentic customer ratings from a broader set of shoppers.”

TechCrunch itself explained that a higher number of opinions about a product can help benefit the “community of shoppers who are reliant on ratings and reviews to make better purchasing decisions.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Typeless Reviews are especially useful in the age of mobile device dominance. According to March 2019 data from Adestra, an email marketing service provider, a staggering 62% of emails were opened on mobile devices like smartphones, compared with 28% on webmail clients and just 10% on desktops.2

That means that if you send an email to a customer who’s made a purchase, chances are they’re going to read it on their smartphone.

For these shoppers, Typeless Reviews means they won’t have to strain their thumbs tapping out a longer review. Or even worse, take a look at the review solicitation email and bail on the whole process. With Typeless Reviews, there’s one tap and they’re done.

In the example below, a fast-fashion site uses our Typeless Review feature via TurnTo’s API. The store also customized their review solicitation to ask for additional feedback on the fit of the dress, also submitted with a tap. That extra tap doesn’t ask much of the customer, but provides more data for the store to draw upon that can help with issues such merchandising.

While this Typeless Review includes fields for a review title and the body of a review, those fields aren’t actually required. Shoppers can choose to write a more fleshed out review if they like, or they can just tap out a star rating and feedback on sizing and hit submit.

Typeless Reviews don’t just lower the barrier to content collection, helping to increase the total number of product ratings your site will hoover up.  They also cut down on the time it takes for your customers to submit Customer-Generated Content, giving them a better overall customer experience when they’re interacting with your brand.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that can help turn your newest shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

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1 Amazon Tests a One-Tap Review System for Product Feedback; TechCrunch, September 2019.

2 Top 10 Email Clients in March 2019; Adestra.



Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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