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8 Sessions You Can’t Miss at NRF 2019

The National Retail Foundation (NRF)’s annual gathering of retail powerhouses is one of the best opportunities to learn from the pros. NRF 2019 is set to showcase industry leaders and the newest tech to reach your customers. Looking to develop a high-tech 2019 ECommerce  ECommerce strategy? We’ve curated the sessions we’re excited for so you can make the most of your time at NRF.

1. New retail is not omnichannel retail

Sunday, January 13, 9:15am–9:45amStage 3, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Why we’re going: New Retail is the chic thing in China; crossing the line between offline and online retail experiences. Users can encounter a buying experience that they’re looking for as part of Chinese social media culture, and we could be seeing similar strides very soon in Western retailers.

2. The evolution of retail: How technology and women are disrupting the way we shop

Sunday, January 13, 10:30am–11:00amThe Girls' Lounge, Level 3

Why we’re going: Women, especially millennials, are an underserved market, despite growing purchase power. Brands like Morphe are using targeted Inspiration boards for cosmetics, encouraging users to share their social experiences through Instagram and be reshared on Morphe’s website. Industry leaders will share how female consumers, social media, and AI are disrupting traditional retail.

3. Success stories: The best Artificial Intelligence for retail to drive results quickly

Sunday, January 13, 11:00am–11:30amStage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3

Why we’re going: Everyone says they “do” AI these days. The trick for retailers is to find what functionality actually works for their business model; and learning practically evaluate this new tech can get your company ahead of the curve. This session will demonstrate an Enterprise Profit & Performance (EPP) strategy in place that was created using AI.

4. The science behind the art - How fashion retailers use data to improve everything!

Sunday, January 13, 1:00pm–1:30pmInnovation Stage, Level 4

Why we’re going: Fashion and clothing retailers, from Levi’s Jeans to HYLETE to Fjällräven use data to optimize their conversions.  Join some fashion retailer executives in a look behind the curtain on how data can even direct what lies ahead in the fashion industry!  

5. Company conscience: Leading with conviction

Sunday, January 13, 3:00pm–3:45pmQualtrics Theatre, Level 1

Why we’re going: Join the CEO from Levi Strauss & Co, in an exploration of company culture for retailers from the boardroom to the sales floor. As an elected NRF Visionary for 2019, we’re all ears for Chip Berg’s fireside chat!

6. The artificial intelligence revolution is here

Monday, January 14, 10:30am–11:15amStage 3, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Why we’re going:  Expert panelists from JD, Markable, and Guess? discuss how AI has disrupted retail for good; not just with how we sell products, but how we learn which products our consumers want. AI isn't just a buzzword at this point, it's become a product necessity for savvy retail businesses.

7. Beyond Millennials: How to attract and retain today’s consumer

Monday, January 14, 1:30pm–2:00pmStage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Why we’re going: Millenials have a lot more purchasing power than before, and retailers that tailor their brand to millennials will ultimately succeed. We’re excited to see what Toshiba’s consumer research division has to say about the future of millennial shopping habits.  

8. The future of loyalty: Reimagining the customer relationship

Monday, January 14, 3:15pm–3:45pmStage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Why we’re going: Brand loyalty can make or break a business – our power users know this very well, harnessing social media to encourage re-engagement and multiple buying opportunities. Narvar’s Founder will take us on a journey through how to discover new customer loyalty opportunities in 2019.

If you still have questions about how Artificial Intelligence can make your customer’s User-Generated Content work for you, set up a time to meet us at NRF 2019! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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