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5 Strategies for Humanizing the Digital Customer Experience

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Digital marketing has transformed both since its somewhat recent nascency. In many ways, digital marketing tactics have up-leveled customer experience, especially as most websites evolve beyond web 1.0 experiences. In the hustle to make websites rank favorably in search and reduce bounce-rate, its surprisingly easy to lose sight of those who are actually experiencing the digital world: humans. It’s estimated that only about 22% of businesses prioritize the customer experience. There is an increasing gap between how businesses function and how they are perceived by the common person. Machines are doing the very thing we’ve intended them not to do: removing the personal touch necessary for brand affinity.

Here are five strategies that you can implement to humanize the digital marketing experience that you offer your customers.

1. Be Considerate of your Customer’s Needs  

Siphoning off potential customers with an inaccessible site is a quick way to lose sales. Striking a balance between a site that is accessible to most while maintaining modern design elements is one of the key points of humanizing your brand digitally.

For tips on making your site more accessible, read our blog post How to Make Your Site More ADA Compliant

Remember that while it is nearly impossible to create one specific site experience that works for every site visitor, optimizing for accessibility and user-friendliness helps your brand appear approachable and thoughtful to your customers.

2. Showcase User-Generated Content 

There needs to be a deeper connection built that can help the companies understand their target audience. Using user-generated content is one of the most effective ways to humanize the digital customer experience. The new era of marketing is structured with the consumer as the focal point of the entire marketing strategy.

Smartphones along with social media have changed the way experiences are shared about brands. This is why testimonials and feedback images are valued by companies. You can even make an inspiration gallery on your website to showcase the testimonials and positive feedback that your brand receives.


By including personal recommendations for each customer, Airbnb creates a human connection to each destination.

3. Use AI to your Advantage

Artificial Intelligence is an efficient way to humanize the digital experience, and it’s becoming sophisticated enough to actually automate certain processes. If used to scale effectively, AI can be a game-changer.  However, certain problems may arise and can be a burden on your customers.

Any system that makes predictions or decisions based on mass data can make customers feel like a number in a spreadsheet rather than an individual in a store. And when AI systems aren’t overseen with a human touch, you run the risk of isolating your customers.

With how sophisticated AI systems are now, a lot of automation necessary to personalization has become streamlined and accessible. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into systems can help you gain deeper knowledge into the customer requirements. AI not only helps to understand the customer requirements, but it is also a tool that helps to understand customers at an individual level. But at the end of the day, if a customer wants to talk to a person, AI simply won’t fill the need – for now.

4. Communicate Like a Human

Communication is the key to all successful transactions. But, how many companies have a proper communication channel? Regardless of the technological advancements in the digital domain make sure that there is one member of your team who is always there at the other end. Anyone who has spent time trying to get a hold of a difficult customer service line knows that speaking to an automated machine is not the same as interacting with a human.

Have an organizational culture in which it is understood that at one point, regardless of the sophisticated technological equipment – there will be a need to interact via the traditional methods of communication. Chatbots and chat boxes are a great way to communicate efficiently, but at one point you will need a customer representative to be at the forefront.

5. Humanize your Brand with Respect as a Core Principal

Long term success of a brand relies on relationship building with customers. Like all good relationships, trust and respect need to be at the core. Your brand experience must let customers know that they are investing in a trusted and well-reputed brand. Instilling core values into your brand is another important factor that can help with humanizing the digital customer experience.

Simply stating core values isn’t enough for today’s consumer, additionally. Aligning on core values extends to community-building initiatives that help build real and authentic connects with customers and brands. Whatever cause your brand rallies behind, make sure your products and culture align.

Why Humanizing Matters

Brands need to show a better understanding of their customers at an individual level to stay relevant in today’s competitive digital environment. Being people-based is a strategy that will allow the customers to feel that they are being valued and their needs are being taken care of.

Connected and enhanced customer experiences will improve the level of customer satisfaction and improve customer relationships for the years to come. That ultimately starts with focusing on the human aspect of every brand interaction, and the customers that truly make your brand thrive.

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

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