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5 Great Marketing Campaigns with User Generated Content

5 great ugc campaigns

Ten years ago, if you told marketers that they would have access to millions of high-quality photos, at little to no cost, that resonated perfectly with their target audiences, they would have laughed you out of the room. But today, that case is a reality. Consumers post over a billion photos and videos per day across social media, many of which are related to the brands and products they love. Moreover, it is proven that this content makes a significant impact on buying behavior and comes at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing media.

Here are 5 great user-generated content examples from businesses that understand the value of user-generated content to create engaging and effective social media marketing programs:

1. #FirstComesLike Contest from Zoosk

“Love does not come first. First comes a smile, or a laugh, or date that turns into the best night ever. First comes like.” Online dating site, Zoosk, is asking fans to submit their favorite #FirstComesLike photos. Submissions have poured in, celebrating everything and anything; places, food, and that special someone. Zoosk has highlighted their favorite #FirstComesLike submissions on owned and paid media, across social media, their website, and even on a jumbotron in Times Square!



2. #TahoeSnowDance from Squaw Valley & Alpine Resorts  

Winter is here, and snow is coming… Or so we hope! Squaw Valley & Alpine Resorts are calling on skiiers & snowboarders for some extra mojo in bringing the powder to Lake Tahoe this year. Fans are asked to post their best #TahoeSnowDance videos to help egg on the winter snow. Without any indication from Squaw Valley & Alpine resorts on what exactly constitutes a “Snow Dance,” submissions are pretty entertaining.


3. #TryMeOnForSighs from Sanuk

Looking for a clever way to drive customers into brick-n-mortar stores? Lifestyle brand Sanuk is running a campaign dubbed #TryMeOnForSighs which wants shoppers to head into stores and post a photo trying on any pair of Sanuk shoes. Whether or not they buy, they’re entered to win a free pair of Sanuks!

 4. #JulepMerryMani from Julep

Everybody loves getting festive for the holidays! Julep, a nail polish and beauty company is celebrating their customers’ best holiday-themed manicures. Customers are asked to submit their holiday nail art with the tag #JulepMerryMani for a chance to win a variety of prizes. The results are awesome.


5. #LeadThePack from 6 Pack Fitness

6 Pack Fitness’s #LeadThePack gives their loyal community of fitness enthusiasts a chance to be the face of their favorite brand and win free gear. By submitting photos on social media, 6 Pack Fitness celebrates their brand evangelists on their website and gives weekly prizes to winners.

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