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5 Brands That Are Taking UGC to the Next Level with Product Page Visual Reviews®

Brands are experiencing a paradigm shift as they move away from traditional marketing techniques and towards a more seamless omni-channel experience. User-generated content (UGC) has been at the forefront of this discussion as shoppers actively seek out brands that provide a personalized, transparent, and authentic experience. According to a recent study, 64% of Millennials search for user-generated content and customer reviews before making a purchase. Product pages are more important than ever to campaigns because customers are right at the point of purchase, so user-generated content can push browsers to buy with little social proof. Here are three brands that are effectively using UGC on their product and category pages to inspire browsers to buy.

1.Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising’s Visual Reviews® bring customer photos directly into the eCommerce experience. Customers can select a product, such as Artifact Uprising’s Layflat Photo Album and once redirected to its product page, they can view several customizable photo album project ideas from real people by clicking through an interactive Instagram gallery located at the bottom of the page. Powered by Pixlee TurnTo, this gallery inspires customers to create and share meaningful memories with Artifact Uprising’s products through participation in targeted UGC social contests, such as Mother’s Day Give-A-Ways, increasing conversion rates and encouraging a stronger connection with site visitors.


Tarte cosmetics is redefining the beauty eCommerce storefront experience by providing shoppers with real customer reviews on their high performance natural beauty product pages, such as on its be a mermaid & make waves eyeshadow palette. Powered by Pixlee TurnTo’s Dynamic Display algorithm, Tarte can optimize sales through UGC product reviews that serve as social proof to shoppers in showing how that eyeshadow palette’s quality, style, and high pigmented color looks on real women. As a result, Tarte shoppers are 2x more likely to convert and increases the average order value by 6%. Real customer visuals in their product reviews authenticates its products, builds trust and encourages shoppers to share their experiences with the hashtag, #rethinknatural, which is what ultimately differentiates it from others within the beauty industry.

3.Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga inspires customers to join the yogi community by designing what it believes to be the most exceptional yoga apparel. The brand’s apparel goes beyond the mat. Every touchpoint is authentic and mindful to who they are as a sustainable brand, starting with UGC campaigns, such as #AloGivesWater. In this social campaign, Alo Yoga will give one person in a developing country one year of access to safe water every time a person posts a photo on Instagram with that hashtag and can also be uploaded into product page Visual Reviews®. Visitors who click on a specific Alo Yoga legging or jacket can see how others wear Alo Yoga around the world and they can browse through Alo Yoga’s Instagram look book gallery or upload their own photos to contribute to that campaign. Alo Yoga emulates what it means to be a community and every product inspires shoppers to join its movement.

4.Quay Australia

Quay Australia is another brand that capitalizes on UGC product reviews to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. Visitors to this sunglass brand’s product pages can see how different sunglass styles look on real customers, providing social proof for their browsers. Shoppers today are also empowered to express themselves and share their experiences with #QuayAustralia directly on to their product page, stimulating social engagement and brand awareness within Quay’s community.

5.Lauren James

Fashion clothing and apparel brands, such as Lauren James are also using UGC product reviews to build brand loyalty and encourage shoppers to share their stylish looks with #LifeisBetterinLJ. These real customer photos highlight how the brand’s fun, colorful printed dresses and tunics are wearable for all occasions, enhancing the Lauren James brand experience. Shoppers want to engage with other like-minded folks and Lauren James is a prime example of how young women can create fun, creative, and timeless looks.

Key Take-A-Ways:

  • Studies have shown that 64% of Millennials actively seek out UGC and customer reviews before making a purchase
  • Product pages are more important than ever to campaigns because customers are right at the point of purchase, so user-generated content can push browsers to buy with a little social proof
  • Today’s shoppers value brands (i.e. Artifact Uprising, Lauren James and Alo Yoga) who provide a personalized, transparent and authentic online shopping experience
  • UGC product and category page Visual Reviews® are essential to increasing conversion rates, brand loyalty and average order value

To learn more about how UGC product and category page Visual Reviews® can create a more authentic and engaging customer experience, contact Pixlee TurnTo today.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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