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Social Media and UGC

3 Ways UGC and Influencer Marketing Can Make Your Brand More Agile

Customers share more than ever about their experiences with products and services. If someone has a bad experience in a hotel, they share it, if they buy a new pair of shoes and they’re the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever owned, they share this too. The impact that the knock-on effect of these reviews can be impactful. Between UGC and influencer marketing, brands stand to see huge growth opportunities – especially through the content they’re able to derive.Here are the three key ways user-generated content and influencer marketing can make your organization more agile

Remove Barriers Within Your Organization

It’s not uncommon for members of an organization to wear multiple hats. With your team stretched thin, having fewer barriers to communicate across teams can save valuable time and help you scale programs effectively. User-generated content can, in this way, serve as an agility lever for your team. With the right UGC platform, making sure content is approved and tagged correctly should come naturally. But the real value comes in when other team members can use this content across other channels without having to communicate approvals or brand compliance. What’s more – a good UGC platform will show metrics of success for each piece of content, letting every team get the maximum amount of impact from a top-performing piece of UGC. By allowing content to be the main point of collaboration across multiple teams, smart brands are able to move faster and make data-driven decisions with their content.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Content

Agility thrives on an organization’s ability to make well-informed decisions at every step of a process to optimize for the best outcome. Without readily actionable data, teams become paralyzed. However, when UGC is shared through a platform across multiple teams, brands are able to make data-driven decisions based on tests other teams have already performed with content. For example, if the email marketing team discovers that one type of image is performing best in their campaigns, the social team and ecommerce team can justify using the same imagery for their campaigns. By democratizing content through deeply impactful metrics, shared across de-siloed teams, brands can empower every person in their organization to make data-driven decisions in which content they use, thus saving time and money.

Gain Strategic Insight From Trusted Community Ambassadors

A brand advocate can be one of your most powerful tools. An influencer has an army of fans who pay such close attention to everything they do, the products they use, where they shop, even the food they eat.

Brands can work with various influencers of all sizes to gain strategic insight into their specific communities. Remember, influencers are experts in their own communities. Influencers help your brand adopt agility by outsourcing creative tactics to individuals who already deeply understand your target audience. As a bonus, influencers prefer brands that partner on strategic initiatives with them.

There are many different ways to approach influencer marketing and UGC depending on the nature of your brand, but we truly live in the age where an agile and nimble marketing campaign can be endlessly effective.

Leading the digital marketing and communications for EmailOversight, with more than 5 years of experience in email marketing, Nelly M. is dedicated to helping customers make the right decisions. Being a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, her talent for managing digital content is impeccable and her definition of success is measured only when customers are happy.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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