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3 Ways to Use Package Inserts to Meet your Business Needs

Package inserts are a low-cost and versatile way to build customer loyalty and to increase sales. This form of print marketing is a valuable tool, as it can be highly targeted and tailored to match the traits of each customer. Inserts can come in the form of handouts, free samples, flyers, and more. However, no matter the shape or size, they are valuable for achieving a variety of different goals.To get you started, here are three ways to use package inserts to meet your business needs:

1. Cross-sell with package inserts to increase average order value

Since you are including an insert with a product that has already been purchased by your customer, you have some great insight into what your customer likes. This provides you with the opportunity to cross-sell complementary products. Include package inserts featuring similar products that your customer might like to create a personalized shopping experience.

2. Ask fans to share their experience to increase brand awareness

Since this is often the end of the transaction process, provide customers with a reason to share their post-purchase experience with your brand. In a personal thank-you note, ask them to post a photo of themselves using your product under your brand’s hashtag. Every post on social will expand your brand reach and your customers will appreciate the personal touch.

3. Offer discounts and rewards to drive new product activations

Discount offers are a great way to use print inserts. Offer coupons, discounted trials, or free sample sized products to your customers. An unexpected surprise and ‘friends and family’ discount will keep them coming back for more and generate more purchases and referrals for your business.

Package inserts may seem like a trivial concept, but they have a lot of business value for increasing sales and customer loyalty. It’s an easy way to see immediate results and to get creative with your print marketing. The key is trial and error. Mix and match different insert use cases to your business goals in order to find the right marketing fit for your brand.

Pixlee TurnTo Contributor

Pixlee TurnTo welcomes contributed content from leading marketers, influencers and ecommerce experts.

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