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Content Management

Collect photos and videos

  • Photos & short-form video from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, direct upload, email, etc.
  • No limits on collection 

Curate & Manage

  • Moderate content so you only publish on-brand photos
  • Custom flagging to help to avoid sensitive key words and users
  • Proprietary photo analysis technology to filter down and identify the best content
  • Computer vision technology to analyze what is in the photos (ex: boys, girls, outdoors, etc.) 

Manage Permissions & Engage

  • Identify the best photos and reach out to customers to obtain permission to use their photos
  • Easily manage and track customer conversations
  • Rights-control to make sure only permissioned content goes live

Publish Anywhere

  • Easily create out-of-the-box widgets that can be published anywhere
  • Custom styling tools to personalize widgets without any developer resources 
  • Full restful API to create custom displays of any kind
  • Keep content fresh across all platforms 


Track Performance in Real-Time

  • Measure the impact of using UGC
  • Real-time tracking of lift, engagement, and conversion from anything you publish
  • Understand content performance organically on social media (likes, comments, impressions, etc.)

Social Listening

  • Track all of the users, content, and data around your brand's visual footprint
  • Understand what content is performing best across social media
  • Learn what customers are saying about your brand and on which platforms your brand is best performing 


Identify top influencers and understand your customers

  • Gain valuable data about your customers
  • Identify top influencers and brand evangelists from across social media
  • Engage with key customers and leverage their content on social and on your website 

Learn what type of content is best for your brand

  • Identify trends in content performance to understand what engages your target audience
  • Prioritize top content and repurpose to increase ROI of owned and paid media

Customer Trends & Sentiment

  • Track patterns in how customers are interacting with your brand and what they are saying
  • Identify key sentiment, associated handles, and locations where your brand is performing strongest 

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